My heart lies torn on the floor,

thought that he didn't give a shit

but he's back to stomp some more

and its like a fucking fire's lit

under my heart

Thought he had done tearing it apart

but obviously I was wrong

and he IMs me on AIM singing a song

I Me Mine and all that load

Never thought he'd be that bold.

Then he says: Guess what now,

I never stopped liking you.

And this is supposed to help me how?

Never stopped liking you too

but I didn't break you,

I didn't shake you,

I didn't rip or rake at you.

I didn't ask for you to IM me.

Thought you hated me to the point

where all you saw was see-saw red.

Great, you've ripped at the scab

and left me to pick up the tab.

How am I supposed to feel?

Do you think that this is real

or is it a game to you?

Don't you know how I hail to you?

Don't you know how I think of you?

Feel about you?

Don't you give a shit?

You're the one who left me,

broke me, hell you're the one who hit.

and don't you see

and was so close to being able to

move on and now I have to deal with you

reel with you, God, I hate you

But I love you too

So I'm trapped. What's new?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written after Galen decided to pop back into my life for a brief time in a way that would make stalkers proud. 01/29/2003

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Mad Chemist's picture

Know the feeling well. It's a bitch! Good poem. I enjoyed it alot.