Paper Queen

Her expertise in writing is an art.

To establish her prestige

She needs paper to start.

Her artistic talent is not showcased in clay,

Nor is wood carved for her art display;

No canvas is needed, for no paint needs to set-

Nothing more durable than a sheet of paper,

Unless her pen's ink is especially wet.

She needs stacks of paper daily

So she may perform her endless task,

And what else may that duty be but writing,

In case you were going to ask.

This paper queen has one concern:

Due to her voracious use of paper,

She knew she had to learn

Of a way to protect the trees

From which her paper comes

Since she used so much paper daily

Trees were destroyed in great sums.

She had a problem of balance,

The worth of nature versus mind,

And she has since been drafting daily

In a written attempt at a solution

Of this terrible problem to find.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Since brevity is the source of wit, I will be brief."- from Hamlet

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