Only One Truth

What Jesus Christ did for you, no other religious leader could do,

And what He does in the eyes of all, will indeed, be their downfall.

For only Christ died for all men, while they were to be condemned,

And only He will be returning again, as Lord and Savior of all men.

Many people, in ignorance proclaim, a salvation in another’s name,

Exalting a man and his cause, that’s filled with many spiritual flaws.

If they’d only read God’s Word, they’d see Truth that they’ve heard,

The Eternal Truth, men need to fear, as God’s Judgment is so near.

Until then many others shall come, in the Name of God’s Only Son,

Depicting scripture in a different view, with a darker, religious skew.

But God has only one Revelation, One Truth that leads to salvation,

From His Only Son, Jesus Christ, in whom men receive Eternal Life.

There is another spirit, not of God, sent throughout this earthly sod,

And Satan’s the prince down here, deceiving men both far and near.

God’s Spirit is through Jesus Christ, who alone was God’s Sacrifice,

And He sends His Spirit to all of us, who in God have put their trust.

We were warned by God, in love, that not every spirit is from above,

And not to be by men deceived, when Truth, they have not received,

But, by His Spirit receive Truth, so, not to see God’s strong reproof,

And from all deception be set free, to live with God through Eternity.

(Copyright ©09/2008)

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