Hateful Things!

These things make me groan:

That letter from the tax-man

The halved maggot in my apple core

The heat wave with the broken fan

And my key, broken, in the door

Other things make me quite irate:

The cold silence in lieu of a fight

The unused ticket for the train I missed

The brooding female mosquito’s bite

That look you give, when I come home pissed

Some things I just cannot relish:

Three day dead fish

Those photos taken, as we were wed

That roach found in my soup dish

The night alone in our big bed

But these things I really hate:

The bigot and his monolog

The candidate at my door

Any man who kicks my dog

Or calls my wife a whore

I could list a great deal more

Adding hateful things to my long score

But what did I forget?

Which item will I soon regret?

Ah yes, the mother in law!

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