Art is your tool, to the beauties which nest inside
It is the key to realization, with false faces aside
It’s fueled by the passions, of countless dreams
It is the spire of your soul, beyond what may seem

It releases the power, of creativity and the mind
Endless memories and images, it shall unwind
It is the essence of man, in his purest state
Sources of fascination, it shall create

Art is the key, to the mysteries of a split soul
The energies of the universe, you so swiftly control
It unties the knots of a confused mind, to a state supreme
Infinity of magnificence, it shall forever stream

It is the source of, all that is of worth
It awakens our spirits, through multiple rebirths
It liberates our senses, from the shackles of fears
From madness in the form, of beautiful tears

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