Life is vibrant, but it is at stake
Its fire this system, is trying to take
Our minds are beautiful, unique to each
To infinite horizons, its images could reach

Art is everywhere, it spreads about
In wondrous plains, does its passion sprout
Our forms are existential, insignificant yet great
Unifying light with dark, and love with hate

Our eyes see not concrete, but colors of art
They project our desires, cravings of heart
They see the unreal, detect the lies

They gather the pain, release through cries

Our hearts soar free, with beauty to share
Into the mysteries of life, we’ll forever stare
These things that we feel, and keep hidden inside
Just torture our thoughts, and in shame we hide

Our lives are precious, we must see it that way
It’s our duty to share, laugh, love and play
For this blessing we have, into a curse may turn
Unless awareness is keen, and freedoms return

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Love the flow and rhyme and

Love the flow and rhyme
and the beauty in defines
write some more and
I'll visit once more