I looked in the mirror, and never saw myself
I saw an image of truth, a reflection of reality
Just a display of physical features, but not me
To say you see yourself is a delusion, a lie
The mirror can be misleading, it gives the notion of boundaries
It labels you, it defines you, into a figure, into a form
It falsely outlines your being into the shapes of matter
The fact is, you’re formless, your soul encompasses all what you perceive
Your essence flows with nature, and your spirit exists outside your vessel
You are a being, not an object, an organism, not a machine
Sight cannot identify you, rather the images you portray
Not in the appearance of your eyes, but in the words they say
Your love exhibits ability, not in the utterances of those around
It stretches beyond expectation, to a future confound
You eyes may detect what’s in the mirror, and spot a person
But it also feels, it also relates, imagines and dreams
It contains the world of truth, and the one that just seems
It looks at a person, but sees a soul in a state divine
It senses a perfection, it realizes infinity, and a light sublime

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