Halloween Fright

Yea every niqqa has a cloak // dats better left unprovoked // it hides in a disguise // while it spies and decides // quick with the eyes // it slowly personifies // as it cannibalize everything dats sane inside // so u can't hypothesize what it characterized // just be prepare to lose your hair as you will scream in despair // I tell you now don't be scared as it only comes out once a year // some say he's all about trickery but it prefers the term chicanery // an art of delight dat it has perfect // u give it a treat or you'll get decked // it doesn't matter which u select // cuz either or it will reject // it just wants to laugh before it rest // it wants this day to be da best // it says trick or treat ? but in it's eyes it wants a feast // a diabetic candy beast // a shadow of the night // dat masterful fright // I pray for all on this Halloween night...


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