growing up

I am From

I am from Lullaby's
and music notes.
I am from laughter
from our mouths,and
the hope in our heart's.
I am from misunderstanding,
and loss.

I am from "lord Bless this food in our bodies"
and endless Amen's.
I'm from the waiting room and
the dianosesgese.
I am from tears on my pillow
And unanswered cries.

I am from imaginations and
unclaimed dreams, From sweet
dreams and sad endings.
I am from my mothers strong love,
that grows each day, From music
that inspires my mind.
I am from writing lyrics and
singing my heart out.

I am from rain drops
on the window seel, and from
sunny afternoons in the park.
I am from "Every new beginning
comes from some other beginning's end.

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"Happiness" - An old fashioned idea

The stories we were told,
Seem pointless now we’re old.
We have our own to tell,
The words we can now spell.

Simple times are so far away,
And the distance grows with each day.
“Problems” our most favourite word,
Happy thoughts go somewhat unheard.

We’re still so young and there’s fun to be had,
Unless you’re now a “mum” or a “dad”.
A strange thought that we should have lives,
With our own houses, husbands or wives.

The friend with a childish mind,
Always helps us to rewind.
The problems come back like a whip,
And makes you hate the time trip.

Several years of easy sleeping,
Now are nights we spend weeping.
Reality is a painful device,
Now that you worry about price.

If the days pass with ease,
Then you shouldn’t feel pleased.
You haven’t done the test of life,
You never suffered any strife.

Only those who struggle through it all,
Can and will attend the ball.
When the build is such craziness,
The climax must be happiness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is partly inspired by facebook, being friends with people you went to school with can be strange, especially when you find out a good few are now parents, living by their own means or even married. I'm still at university so all of this is to come yet, but I don't envy them, those responsibilities are gonna be there for the rest of their lives and I'd worry about whether I'd wasted my youth. I guess I've got all my old age to regret my youth but I'm already regretting a lot of it.

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Fee Fi Fo Fum

Fee Fi Fo Fum
Look out world, here I come.
Though I still dilly-dally with La Tee Dum.
Fee Fi Fo Fum

One day, Two weeks, Three months, Four
I begin to find some battles are not worth a war,
And as older I grow, wisdom comes more.
One day, Two weeks, Three months, Four

La Do Da Dee
Two souls meet in harmony,
And in a forever lasting bond, him and me.
La Do Da Dee

Boom Bam Bum Bing
After I recieved a diamond ring,
Birds and bees, and nature sings.
Boom Bam Bum Bing

Fee Fi Fo Fum
Look out world, here he comes,
Though he still dilly-dallys with La Tee Dum.
Fee Fi Fo Fum

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments welcome :)

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Lost Land


My grip's about to slip
These cramps too much to bare
Along these crowded steps
Ganna drop without a care

Weasle my way on
Whistle with this ease at hand
No more looking over now
A breeze outside the land

A breeze A breeze A breeze
A breeze that finally has touched me now

To travel on my way
Down a long and righteous path
Hope I'm never led astray
And avoid this raging wrath

Even when the staircase cracks
Below me, understand
I'm never looking back
Letting go of living in the lost land

Releasing Releasing Releasing
Releasing tethered tied to these tight reigns

Tip toe, Tip toe.
Tip toe, tip toe.
Tip toe, tip toe.
Tip toe to the tip of the top teir
Where we will walk awhile
And slip so slowly so
Drowning down the dark
Make my muscles moan.
Farther far from fear
Grasping greater gulps
Allow all to appear

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tori Amos inspired me to write this. Haven't written in a while. I need to realise I'm growing up and need to let go

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When i grow up i wanna be a penguin.

Hey when you were younger what did you want to be
Cos I bet/knew it wouldn't be the same as me
I had the wierdest of aspirations or dreams
Which means that this will reveal a piece of me
Something that everyone of you can see
So I wrote some poetry from the perspective of a younger me

When I grow up I want to be a penguin
But not like happy feet I won't sing
Ill have these paddle wings
And I will only fly when I swim

Ill always look dapper in black and white and dance through the endless night
Ill find me a nice lady who looks right
And though I'm grounded I'm flying like a kite

Penguins always look formal, dressed smart
been my favourite animal from the start
Cos on land they may always be last
But in the water they are cast in the role of a master..

When I grow up I wanna be a penguin, see me swim with a beakish grin

I'd have some manly sheen on my feathers and I'd remain warm despite the weather
And I'd be patient never reach the end of my tether
And no one would want to hurt me ever

And when my lady friend was baking bread
And dropped a bun, that's when I'd step
Up and take care of the little egg
I'd be the one to stick around with my shiny feathers I would surround the little egg and I would let loose wild sounds of joy because I had this feeling it would be a boy. And I would wait through the cold wind, but because this isn't happy feet I wouldn't sing.

And one day I'd find my lady friend when the endless summer ends and the night descends.
We would hold wings and watch the aroura cover the sky looking dapper us both in black and white and we wouldn't need to fly and we wouldn't reason why, we would just observe and learn and look reserved as penguins do.

See when I was younger I wished I was a penguin looking dapper in black and white, waited to find a lady penguin and dance all night. I didn't need to fly because I could swim and I would love my paddle wings and I would always stand ready with a beakish grin.

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Destination Unknown

All my life I've felt like this place is my world
Everything exciting, everywhere unknown
Now it's all outgrown


All my life I've had all I need
Now I don't know what I want


I've had ideas I've had dreams

Now they're fading, almost forgotten


All my life I thought I had it all
Now something is missing
Now I'm alone


- ¡¿†¥lΣ®?!

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Old Stuff

He’s so close yet so far away
I want him now but he’s not here to stay

He says:
“I’m no Superman,
I can’t give you what you need, what you deserve
So I’ll leave now so you can be free.
There’s someone out there for you but that’s not me.”

So I walked to school & I walked back home
How could I believe everything was fine?
Trying to understand everything he’s blown
It’s all my fault, I should have seen the signs
He says it’s just too far apart we’ve grown
What the hell was going on in my mind?
He’s about to shatter this heart of stone.
But I don’t understand at all this time!

He screamed:
“I need to be a person you wish you never met
Because I’m a person you need to forget
You better listen now cos this is true:
I’ll love you for eternity but now I’m leaving you”

…so he said good bye & he walked away
I want him now but he’s not here today.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this is mad rough and it works out better in some places then others, but its like 4 years old, so I'm not going to try to re-write it cos I don't have the same feelings about this situation now as I did then.

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My words blow peoples minds like terroristical bombs ; colliding with one another like polyistical bonds ; & totally out of ur knowledge like stereotypical blondes ; be calms i wont fucks withs ur minds especially if u from idaho ; even if ur a dime ; cuz i only pay mind to the beauty that's in ur soul ; & if we had a bigger scale then u would be able to tell ; that my ever lasting love would weight ur heart down baby girl ; & ah growing up I was never a child at ease ; i mean back then getting love from ur parents must of been a disease ; like fuck ; the only time i heard the words i love u is when i got my degree ; made me feel like i was abandoned by life so you would think I had no love for the world ; but through music I found another earth hidden deep with in itself ; yea it embodied my genes ; chameleon amoeba cells ; unlocking the potential that was shy to even show ; & now I'm aligned with in my axis ; no more vertigo ; with the path clear in thought I know exactly where to go ; & dnt worry I'll make sure the public surely knows ; through my music u'll be sure to hear my one menifesto .

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word crank

i am weaving threads of memory
spun on the edge of Tennessee.
embedded in these tiles of history,
are the hearts of those I knew.

thread the eye and weave the fabric.
every day a row begins.
the shuttle thrown may sound like static,
but binds the days from end on end.

i am weaving colors faded
redying shades in brighter hue
rethinking times with eyes more jaded
and seeing patterns hands cling to.

map the lands that tinge my textile
virginia, georgia, tennessee.
the carolina waters fill me
rivers, lakes ‘n ocean flowin through.

cloth of time i touch to my lips
tasting, smelling days recalled.
home and hearth and loves in deep sips
to know the woman I’ve come into.

i am weaving threads of memory
cloth spun in this southern home.
touching fine and coarser fabric
here, i know and I am known.

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