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Tallahassee, FL

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Listening to music(Pearl Jam!also NIN, Silverchair, Linkin Park, STP, Nirvana, Sublime,Beck,Dave mathews/ phish, and any other type of good music.)
Getting online,
and chillin with my friends and all types of ill shit. Haha I sed ill shit.

I am Erin Damn it! Ya'll know me. I am 5'4'' a little less than 105lbs. I have kinda long brown hair and brownish green eyes. I'm 22 years old. My favorite color is green. My favorite number is 8. My favorite person is Mike Long. My favorite thing to look at is the sky at night (the stars) because one day, you wont be able to so i take it all in. I love Pearl Jam, as ya'll important ppl know. I am probably the most unpredictable, unselfish, weirdest person in the world. And I do believe I'm a little bit carzy. And a little obsessive. And a pretty damn important to a lot of people. I complain too much. I love so hard I hate, and I hate so hard I love. Is that weird? R.I.P. Jonathan Thomas Spirko.

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I have an inny
And I am skinny
It has a scar
From peircing it with a bar!!
(Not really from a bar, but from a safety pin. but bar rhymes.Haha!)

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''I'll ride the wave where it takes me. I'll hold the pain, Release Me!'' -Eddie Vedder (the greatest and sexiest man alive!)


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