Blue Valentine (version 2)

This girl man shes so beautiful she rips me apart // but dats wen she saw my inside & fell in love with my heart // She often wondered why I had a heart of silver & blue // i told her baby its because i never meet you // my heart has been beating slowly to the rhythm of life // soft & restless getting quieter each night // with no love my heart has suffered through an iceage // & all the cold winds just made it hard for me to engage // but when it came to you none of that seemed to matter // cuz when it came to you all this ice began to shatter // in the past my heart would only see blue // but as it suddenly grew that's when I suddenly knew // you was the one // my beautiful jewel // now my heart sees nothing but love // & dam u don't know how much I thank the lord up above // I thank him for every single day I have u // cuz my heart can now see this beautiful view // just kno I'm ur valentine // ur blue valentine // our love will continue to live on in every lifetime // beyond & forever our love is permanent overtime // & it will never end as long as I'm alive // this is coming from my heart baby // ur forever valentine


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my 2nd version of blue valentine, my first one is in poems.

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