faith and divine love

A girl with a big dream never gives up hope.

A big flake falls from above,

I fill with excitement of love,

snow drops quickly and stays,

I know snowboarding won't stray.


Arriving early to work my magic,

not knowing it'll soon turn tragic,

all balance and strength here,

but now lost I hol nothing but fear.


Facing the truth of whats on,

shocked knowing the game is on,

understanding I must hit restart,

all my training washed apart.


Dealing with forgetting and dizzy,

training once again to keep me busy,

I realize I couldn't have changed it,

I must now deal with me fit.


I don't know why it happened to me,

or what it means yet you see,

but I know God held his hand out for me,

for a reason I just live with to be.


A joy he brought to me I'm glad,

I am fine and ready but maybe sad,

I have time to gain back my history,

and living on to unlock my secret mystery.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a real life experience!

Faith Too


Faith TOO

Faith, you cannot see
Just confidence in divinity
Whatever your adopted religion
That’s only if you got one

God isn’t solely the preserve
Of religion, anyone can be heard
Regardless of colour or creed
Can instantly connect: divinity

But faith is more than that
It is the ultimate sat nav
With nothing to hold onto
Or at least anything visible

God is programmed out of you
At an early age: true
Telling you nothing is real
If you can’t give it a feel

And all faiths around the world
We all share the same word
With or without your scripture
Ultimately, it is if you care

A good book is only optional
In anyone's quest to find god
Live and breath him in you daily
Including your Sabbath n Sunday

for all of you doubting Thomas's
Who don’t believe god exists
ever prayed in your life?
Don’t knock it till you try it

My definition of god is not
For sure the one that you got
Every time god’s mentioned
I really don’t think of heaven

Just about a missing apostrophe
Is more than one god you see
The true state of the divine
There Is nothing more sublime

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Finally finding paradise.

When there is an end to greed
and gold turns to dust
and there's enough food to feed the starving
and there's real justice to replace the in just
and those that suffer
suffer no more
and hate is replaced by love
and there's an end to war
sadness is replaced by happiness
and no one has to fear no more
all our dreams come true
and people gladly share everything with you
and everyone is your friend
and barren deserts bloom again
and you can walk by a ocean shore
and see golden sunsets
and blue skies for ever more

We will have finally found paradise.

Peter Dome, copyright.2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First pub.2010.

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It's Friday again,
Many mosques will be filled soon,
Yet my homeland weeps!

Hearts have lost love's zest,
Minds cannot focus on God,
Praying a ritual.

The faith is absent,
Worship is just exercise,
Devoid of spirit.

My motherland cries,
The hypocrites have increased,
How can God respond?

Gnostics shed tears,
But who cares about their sighs?
My country suffers!

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Unconditional love

acknowledge HIM!!!

You are amazing God
You are Mighty
You are my Saviour

You rescued me from all the aches
You took me from my fall
You woke me up from a deep slumber

Oh, Lord, I praise You
You are my strength

What a great love you have for me
I wanna ask you, how long will you goin to be there for me?
In a glimpse, you healed me

How wonderful I have You in mine

After a day of sorrow
Is a week full of happiness
After a months of challenges
Is a year full of blessings
And after ages of sacrifices
Is a lifetime with full of faith

I wanna praise you,Oh Lord

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Destiny Unknown

I know a girl
who thinks like me, talks like me
who is as funny as me
and yes sometime as stupid me

She believes in love
she believes in destiny
she lives in fantasy not in history
but whats in her heart is still a mystry

She always ask, what do you expect
being like a zillion miles away, Nothing
I don't know where I stand
wish I could stand somewhere, wish I could be something

what can I do to make her feel this
what can I do to get her back
what can I do to be that something
what can I do fill what I lack

I dont know what's written
I dont know what's destiny
I dont know what's gonna happen
Let the fate deceide whats my destiny.

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God and God alone
Is the greatest
Everything else will perish
Even the very best
In and on this planet.

All praise to the Almighty
For giving us a chance
To make our souls grow
He is merciful and piety
Is -- as we should know --
A stream where good does flow
From here to the highest realm
Leading our spirits to Him.

Piety comes from loving
And kindness and tolerance
As well as realising
That it is the seed of goodness
In all its glowing finesse.

O Naveed! Hearken and heed
In thoughts and deeds exceed
Help all those who are in need
Let virtues flourish and breed
The saplings of faith and love
So that you are always ready
To embrace death as one fearless.

The messengers and the prophets
Have done their duty and gone
And the saints as well as angels
Wait for you from night to morn
When the time will come
Nobody can exactly foresee
So shun the garb of worldliness
And move on the path you chose
And be steady and firm
For every passing second shows
That the time to move is nearing
As destined from the beginning.

Money, fame, women and children
Are not as everlasting
As the good you intend to send
From here to the halls of Heaven.
Nothing O Naveed is wiser
Than to pass life like a traveller
Whose sojourn here is almost complete
And the journey ahead will greet
Your soul and you will reap
The fruits of the seeds you sowed
The seeds of love not the sword.
Annihilation O you mystic awaits
As well as the final destruction
Of everything and everyone
As ordained by God in His wisdom.

Your heart is in the possession
Of your beloved, rare, Special One,
Be good so that you can be,
Free of every other burden
Win happiness of true freedom
Embrace a spiritual welcome.
Be kind, caring and adoring,
Revelling in spiritual union,
Defying all temptation,
Beating world's deception.

The grave is not the domain:
It is just a short interval,
For the body to free the soul,
For its flight to the real goal:
For, from God do we all come
And to Him shall we all return.
To be with Him is salvation,
In the highest dimension.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is the result of an inspiration after I pondered on the reality of life, death, love and related matters in a state of mystical contemplation.

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Love Allah*
And love everything
That shines with His goodness.
Life is short
And orbits are shifting
In accordance with His will.
Abhor hate
And seek peace in love
Dwelling in heart's paradise.
We are all
Adam and Eve's children
Scattered in different lands.
Droplets merge
To form an ocean
Mankind too is one nation.
Of colour and class
Is nothing but delusion.
We are one
As men and women
And the best of creation.
Is sweeter than honey
And the strongest of all bonds.
Let us join
And be gardeners
Of our beautiful planet.
Evil's darkness
Is dimming the Earth
Let us beat it with our light.
You and I
Can blend to be we
To ascend back to Eden.
Love is truth
And most beautiful
And ethereal in essence.
It isn't hard
To open locked doors
And seek that which unites us.
The sky's ours
So let us become
Its glorious galaxy.
By Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay. Posted on September 30, 2011.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Allah is the Arabic name for God Almighty. Christians and Jews use "Allah" in their day to day conversation and chats wherever Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages are spoken and understood. "Allah" is used even in the Bible published in these parts of the world.

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