Dying Breed

Follow me now, down into the abyss,
don't turn away, its just a simple kiss
Follow me now, down into the dark
Don't fret that sound, its just the beating of your heart.

Come now, walk across the shards of glass, an ocean of lies from your past

Step across the hills of shattered bones, broken promises from long ago

Come now vanity fades away leaving humanity a simple stain
As you follow the facade you see, know its only a dream to be

For I am part of a dying breed, part of humanity rarely unseen,
reveal to you these qualities i hold,
to do that would seem unjustly and bold
Beauty is broken by the sands of time, but like Dorian Grey my portrait I hide, for its unmarred and perfect the visage you see, yet aged and decayed hidden in me.
The pains and horrors taking their tide.....
Stealing away such foolish pride.
It was never my choice to feel so alone
yet grace upon me, its become more like home

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My Dear Dead Brother

Go ahead and cry for me
But if you really wanted me
You wouldn't have come back
You wouldn't have haunted me

I don't need you here
I need to move on
But I can't do that
Unless you're gone

I buried a part of me
when I buried you
That part has to die
Or I won't make it through

Rest in peace, little solider
But let me alone
Can't see you see
I'll do just fine on my own

I love you dearly
but I'll never see you again
So rest in peace
All good things must end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'A dream. All a dream, That ends in nothing.' thats all death is.

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To Know You More


To know you more.

To love you Lord,
by actually caring
for the poor, the sick, and despairing
and those who are dying
each and ev-er-ry day.
To heal the hurt and love the unloved
of the land where love is contraband, hands
full of guilt not free, fully engaged
in saving their souls, hearts enraged
against wrongs done them but closed to grace,
closed to the King of Kings, closed to the very One
who changes everything.
(Stop living in
battles won and lost)
Doesn't matter the cost for the lost are out there
and they don't know you.
So this is my prayer.

Lord Jesus -
To know you more.

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Dying In The Land Of The Lost


I once was lost

Left to wander aimless and free

Always looking for something

Something I couldn’t see



Why can’t I find what I need?

Why does my soul bleed?



Even when I’ve been found

I’m still in the land of the lost

And when I feel most alive

I’m still dying – in the land of the lost


Blindly I begin to run

And stumbled into him

At that moment I knew

My search found an end



Why did I find you?

Were you lost to?




With my eyes closed

We leaned in for a kissed

How was I to know

This kiss invited deaths bliss



No physical death for me

That would be too easy




I know can clearly see

As I lie here in my bed

I once was lost

Now I’m just dead




BRIDGE 1 2 3





Written on

September 4, 2005


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a song I wrote about inviting death.

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Old Poems

vulnerability seems to have her stripped and wilted in a corner;
moaning like a morner

slowly dying
like tiny stars in the speckled sky,
they are far above her head; she's better off dead

nowhere to hide the shame; no one left to blame
those feelings forever burned in her skin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any comments, good or bad, are welcome. Please leave a comment and let me know if you liked it, how it made you feel or what you didn't like about it. Thanks for taking the time to read my work. :)

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