Pagkapit Sa Patalim (In Tagalog And Filipino Or Taglish Language)








Pagkapit Sa Patalim

(In Tagalog And Filipino Or Taglish Language)

Condong binili

Gumawa ng paraan

—Utang nang utang

Author's Notes/Comments: 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  This poem is an abstract idea and does not pertain to any particular person (i.e., like most art, they are subject to interpretation, as well).

Reedited on 05.19.2020  19:41  (I correcred a misspelled/mistyped "conding" when it should have been "condong", which refers to a condominium unit, "condo" with the Tagalog "linker na/-ing in the Filipino language.)

Below is the unedited form:

Conding binili

Gumawa ng paraan

—Utang nang utang

Reedited on 12.18.2019 02:50:  (I simply had added to the hashtags the following words/phrases:  Tagalog, Tagalog Poetry, Tagalog poem, & a minor size-leveling of the main poem that previously had a much smaller font size for its title compared to the body.);



Reedited/emended/revised/reupdated on 12.17.2019 (The particular language that was used for the poem, in the title, was reedited & or corrected, as well, just to be more specific & in order to denote the intended meaning properly, my real intention, & for clarifying that aspect in general.)

Debt to society

personal poems

My life has been nothing but hell throughout my life.

Why can't god help me through this without this knife.


I am so much in pain that nothing seems to turn out right.

But I am tired of this and have no more energy to fight.


I wish my family could help me in my darkest hour to get me back on track.

But all i get throughout my life is a knife stabbed in my back.


So now I am almost broke and now going insane with depression and will eventually die.

But i know that for the time being, i will only inside and out cry.


So now i just wonder through life just going into every disapointment head first into danger.

But a life full of torture isn't my idea of something that i would put a wager.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My life as of the posted date. :( more of the usual... pain..

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