The River Crossing

Tales and Fables

A man once said:

“It's a dangerous business,

going out your front door.”

And he was right

For deep is the river

and narrow the crossing

A river called melancholy

And a bridge called hope

A straight and narrow road

With no rails to catch you

Nothing to keep you from falling

Unless you trust in your footing

Unless you see where you're going

Unless you believe that you'll make it


And you will never fall


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sentence in parenthesis from J.R.R. Tolkien's, The Fellowship of the Ring.


I finally close my eyes

Nostalgia for yesterday

Tears roll down my cheeks

Never again hold your hand

Never again to touch your face


Angels have fallen for less

And I will fall too

With a bottle pressed against my head

So I can forget

Your name on my lips

The last thing I'll say

Before I'm carried away


Lay me down

Beneath the ground

Among a bed of wildflowers

And a red clay halo

Surrounded by the broken

As the rain gently falls


These tears that I'm crying

Will fall upon your face

Gently, oh so coldly

My very last embrace

The Silent Passage

Light and Dark

After my time has finished

And I am going home

I will wait for you

That we may be presented together

Through the silent passage

A step into Elysium

A skip past Nirvana

Through the doors of Valhalla

Pass through the havens grey

And unto the West

There you'll find me

On a white bench near a golden shore

Staring out into the world

Watching as time unravels

Unwinds before my eyes

A moment as a lifetime on earth

Limitless waves lap at my feet

And not a care to be found



Just beginning to understand

Two small words:


Dreams of an Oracle

Light and Dark

Contentedly together

Beneath the world's grey band

As the silent stars go by

And the wind blows in my hand


Angels fall

Like shooting stars

The sky is scarlet

But swirls like a whirpool

It's various shades follow each other

Gently eddy into the vortex

Heavenly voices sing around me

Witnesses to a new age

The keys are now used

Gateways to the future

The horns sound together

As the past and future king

Comes unto His own


Wrapped in pure, silken white

But appears black

Compared to the light before me

A face as bright as the sun

And then I awake

And then I wait

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A recurring dream.

Philosophy of a Tempest

I cannot think but of rain

And water slowly falls

Tears of the world

Or necessary drops

To replenish life

Yes, pain begets hope

Just as rain begets crop

Just as death begets life

Just as life begets death


The thunder rolls

And too the light

Great sound from great power

Testament to the past

Witness to god-like potency


They say that past sins cast long shadows

Like thunder from the lightning

First we see; long after we hear

And yet too I wish to be like lightning

Although my life be short

I wish to be heard long after

For we never truly die

Until we are forgotten

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Simply unteathered thoughts during a thunderstorm. 

What Comes After

I never thought I would find myself here,


Balanced between eternity and the present; realizing that there is no difference in between them.


Death sits below me as I consider falling into its arms. At least death will embrace me.


At least death can look past my mask.


And so I jump.


Thousands of feet and years rush toward my limp body and then, cold and stillness; nothing more.


Or so I believed.



But I was wrong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's not finished, on purpose. The idea, for now, is for it to be a conversation starter; a point of reflection. Enjoy the descent...

Past The Point of No Return


Past the point of no return
Is the point where soul will burn.
The heart no longer has a will
The blood, the mind, they beat, then still.
Death is the point of no return
And they who pass; for life they yearn.
Those of us who battles still wage
Should continue to fight through life's next page
For if we give in, I think you'll find
We're already dead, at least in mind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Previous comment to Thunderbear. 

An Angel In Our Lives


Everyone needs an angel in their life....

Otherwise it's hard to live

And without an angel in our life

Everything seems relative

Love is the greatest gift

Love is also a treasure

And when it's given from the heart


It cannot then be measured.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Prior comment to Snow. Enjoy.



Fly, fly firefly
your time is quickly passing by
Th storm is raging, racing, fly
One rain drop and you might die
So fly away firefly
Light the world, no need to cry
For I will see your light and I
Will remember, Firefly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part of a comment written to Simply.Savannah. Enjoy