Dreams of an Oracle

Light and Dark

Contentedly together

Beneath the world's grey band

As the silent stars go by

And the wind blows in my hand


Angels fall

Like shooting stars

The sky is scarlet

But swirls like a whirpool

It's various shades follow each other

Gently eddy into the vortex

Heavenly voices sing around me

Witnesses to a new age

The keys are now used

Gateways to the future

The horns sound together

As the past and future king

Comes unto His own


Wrapped in pure, silken white

But appears black

Compared to the light before me

A face as bright as the sun

And then I awake

And then I wait

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A recurring dream.

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Love Much The Ending

Wondrous write ~A~



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Thank you, I was really just trying to describe one of my recurring dreams. I've appreciated your comments over the years, and hope that we'll continue to browse each other's works for years to come. Thank you!

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