Ode to Summer's End

Just For Fun

Let me take you

In your mind's true eye

To blue-green pastures

Ocean-like waves of grass

Flowing gently over hill and dale

The sun gently shining

Partially cloaked behind the clouds

The crickets singing to each other

Fall is soon at hand

But for now we enjoy

Those few last days of summer

And as we lay on the warm earth

We'll daydream at how fast


The year has gone already


Just For Fun

Silent time is passing

Pleasant melodies fall upon my ear

Swinging, swooning,

Waltzing melodrama

Imprinting their faerie-like steps

Deep into my mind

I am lost

In a tidal wave of euphony

An effervescent motif

Returns like starlight after sundown

There is no time

For eternity sits in this moment

There is no war

For my heart is stilled

My soul is quiet


I am finally at peace

Devil Train

Light and Dark

I hear that Devil's train

Hot on my heels

Come to collect, I suspect

What he thinks he owns


Time is short

But I've got some left

So I'll burn it up

And blow it in his face


Here and gone

Like cigarette smoke

Rush to my head

Speed to my death


Neon past lighting my way

But I can't see whats in front of me

Walking down the path ahead

Red hand in my pocket


Death, in my thoughts,

Is racing to a stoplight

But unlike others

Red means speed up to me


I'll live long after I'm dead

That you can count on

Long after I'm gone


I'll still be around

Relational Maturity

Time flies

As clouds fill the skies

So far from you

And yet standing beside each other

Can we weather the wind and the waves?


Whisper me words

I've never heard before

Underneath dark storm clouds

As waves drift us further away


Reach out your hand

Take yours in mine

Together we'll weather the storms

That strike out at sea


And as our troubles cease

We'll stop drifting about

And look to see the stars in the clouds

At least we'll imagine them

Before Poseidon's waves drag us below


But I hope there's one thing that you know;

Hold on to me close

As we sink into a melancholic sea;


I've got your hand, and will never let go


Light and Dark


A double life

For we say one thing

And yet do another

Hypocrites all

And yet blind to our modus operandi

Like Icarus we soar and fail

Like Daedalus we're trapped

In our own labyrinths

Prisoners inside our heads

While our souls quietly scream

Neither fully good

Or fully evil

But capable of both

Within a single minute

We bless one moment

What we curse the next

We give to others

And we take back again

Angels and demons

Look down on us

For being lukewarm

Toward everything in our lives

But we have two things that they don't

One thing inherent to our nature:


And one inherent to our anatomy:


And both angels and demons alike


Would give anything for either gift


Light and Dark

You thought you'd killed me

Thought that I was done

When you left me bleeding

Bleeding on the ground

It's true I'm dying

But I believe

That death comes only

To those in need


Fire only brings me life

As it eats my cold, dead flesh

So now starts my afterlife

Bone and sinew start to mesh


You can never keep me down

You can only kill me now

But just as sunbeams fill the skies

I will be your own demise



They once said

And so I'll burn you

When you're dead



I am the fear that hides within

The good things that have never been

I am the smoke behind your eyes

Caused you to believe your lies

I am the crushing in your heart

When life just tears it all apart

I am the tremble in your voice

The anger at never having choice

I am the tempter in your limbs

The light inside you slowly dims

I am the whisper in the night

Reminding you not all is right



No need to look underneath your bed


For I am the monster inside your head


So many voices in my head

Telling me who to be

Saying, Don't do that

Don't be this

Don't enjoy that

But I can go away

Hideaway in my sanctuary

And wait for the noise to calm down



Water flowing from my wrists

But I'll sit on the mossy bank

Of the river I've made

Listening to the peace of it all

Soak in the silence

And everything is all right

All is well

You'll find me

On the red stained shore

Of your self-made calamity


But I'll have nothing to say

No Longer Naive

Love is fleeting

It's a occupation

On which time takes it's toll

If both members do not work equally


So, where is love now

Broken man on broken feelings

Shattered dreams and fractured hope


“Ignorance is bliss.”

Because with wisdom comes understanding

With understanding comes pain


I'm barely left a ghost in this house

Gutted, soulless, but still existing

Existing, that's exactly the word

With nothing to live for

Without reasons to plan



For all our joy and happiness

I find, they tend to evanesce


Shadows give depth to our souls

Our sins shape our personality

But you've got a tell-tale heart

And it's told me all I need to know


It's told me goodbye