Nonviolent Music, Great Writers' Advice, Copyrights And Patents

Music, Art, Dance




Elephants murdered

for ivory piano keys,

 cats for

violin strings

goats for drumskins

(for that matter,

chickens for drumsticks.)

Is music more beautiful when

the instrument is nonviolent?

Is a flame more smokeless

when the candle's not made of lard?





"I don't give opinions. I let my characters
do that." -Stephen King-

"Description unlike judgment
bypasses the opposition of the reader".
-Meher Baba-

"Asking questions rather than
monologue engages the audience'  mind".
- Mr Cline-

"Beauty is framed in space."
-Anne Morrow Lindbergh-



some are paraphrased




God doesn't claim that artists plagiarize

when they paint fanned peacock eyes

nor accuse of infrigement of copyright

those who His meditation whispers down write.

Nor indict as forgers those who paint His sunset skyart

But God disapproves of those who patent his rainforest plants.




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lyrycsyntyme's picture

That's a real clever play on

That's a real clever play on words and vegan line drop: "..chickens for drumsticks." I chuckled at that, though also appreciate the seriousness of your words.


Candid, as I have other times found your writing to be, and  I'm ever appreciative of poetry that raises/poses questions, as much as it attempts to provide answers.

saiom's picture

  I truly apprpeciate your


I truly apprpeciate your review  Thanks



lyrycsyntyme's picture

Hey, you're welcome : )

Hey, you're welcome : )