Nonviolent Music, Great Writers' Advice, Copyrights And Patents

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Elephants murdered

for ivory piano keys,

 cats for

violin strings

goats for drumskins

(for that matter,

chickens for drumsticks.)

Is music more beautiful when

the instrument is nonviolent?

Is a flame more smokeless

when the candle's not made of lard?





"I don't give opinions. I let my characters
do that." -Stephen King-

"Description unlike judgment
bypasses the opposition of the reader".
-Meher Baba-

"Asking questions rather than
monologue engages the audience'  mind".
- Mr Cline-

"Beauty is framed in space."
-Anne Morrow Lindbergh-



some are paraphrased




God doesn't claim that artists plagiarize

when they paint fanned peacock eyes

nor accuse of infrigement of copyright

those who His meditation whispers down write.

Nor indict as forgers those who paint His sunset skyart

But God disapproves of those who patent his rainforest plants.




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Martin Sheen's Uncommon Courage





Is Martin Sheen's aura ultraviolet

standing for peace, ever nonviolent.

With rare courage, 66 times arrested..

Through the years he's seldom rested.


“I went to jail for 11 days for disturbing the peace; I was trying to disturb the war.”  -Joan Baez-

Martin Sheen has been active in countless nonviolent acts of civil disobedience and arrested 66 times as he stood up for peace and against nuclear power, nuclear weapons testing, dangerous arms buildup, abuse of farmworkers, Canadian sealclubbing and other causes.  One is reminded of another nonviolent Martin, Dr. King, often arrested, to violence subjected.  Like Sheen, James Cromwell is another great actor, a vegan involved in protecting animals.. including sitins at fast food chains.

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Nobody Loves Me

Ugonna Wachuku  



I live on a misty mountain top
in the heart of Uturu. On this
mountain, I walk with eagles.
My house is built of natural
stone. Streams water my
surroundings with refreshing,
live-giving scent from nature.  


I am in tune with nature.
I am a child of nature.
Nature knows me; and I know
nature within the depths of
my being. 


My hope in life does not
wane because daily, I breath
healing freshness from nature
and my mountain top environment.


I drink from springs on the
mountain. Each night, when I
bend down to drink, moonbeams
caress my longing back.


Nobody knows me; not even
my name; not even where
I come from. Could I have
been forgotten in the still
smallness of life? Could I
have lost that unchanging
love promised?


Each dusk, I stare down the
valley wondering if life has
anyone like me down there.
I wonder at my home and at
nature in all of its beauty.
I wonder at my beginning.


I rest with the hope of
finding a companion. But
nobody comes. Nobody calls.
Nothing leaves. Nothing comes.
Yet, I stay on this mountain top.


Suddenly, I wake up sweating like
a christmas goat: I have been
dreaming. Then, I realize that it's
real. My heartbeat panders to the
rhythm of a bird's voice. I listen
carefully. This reality comes into
me. I look out of my stone house


The bird's green trees and lush
landscapes have been burnt by
fires of human strife and loveless
destruction across the valley below.
Tear drops fill my sunken eyes.


"Nobody loves me, nobody loves me;
including you" the bird sings on
my mountain spring while I watch
from my weary window on the
mountain top. The bird's tears
mingle with my natural spring
on the mountain.  


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bird laments humanity's destruction of its environment ... 

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