Tired by dfx

I'm tired, tired of wishing on every shooting star

Trying my best hasnt gotten me to far

Believe me, its just as tiring to have to lower the bar

Tired by day and at night I cant sleep

Too tired to tread water and I'm in this sooo deep

I'm tired of spilling my tears and my blood

I'm tired from sinking in this puddle of mud

And I'm tired of yesterday, memories haunt me still

Close my eyes to tomorrow as I slip over the hill

Tired of getting by with less then I need

Wanting to be loved is not really greed

Its not true what they say that its only women who bleed

I'm tired of trying and getting nowhere

Living without her just doesnt seem fair

I know I'm a loser but you dont have to stare

I'm just tired, and so damned uninspired

I've had enough, I'm ready to go

I'm tired of being tired

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