Meet the one

Meet The One

Years ago, someone cursed me
You are of nothing to do
On my way to meet him again
Shouldering all words since then
Toiled myself to prove I am something

Those were immature childhood days
But heavy on heart to bear them
On and off remembered him
In each setback, I checked was he true
Later I tested someone words
If you cheat someone atleast benefited
But if you cheat yourself you will be runied

In every walk I heard to myself
Placing me centre of all
Enjoyed each day and night
However each move brought me
Near to the Paradise that I desired

Let this travel come to an end and
Ease my heavy heart burdened
Years ago with the words
'You are of nothing to do'
Thank the one extrinsic motivator
Who helped me in keeping big fight.

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"The coffee shop,

where in the middle of the block,

it had started;

where they met.


Their headquarters,

where they rested

over iced drinks

after a long skate.


Old friends,

young men,

two, not the same blood

or kin


shake hands 

and embrace the others grin,

a tight squeeze

given to each. 



such a tight bond

with so little time,

sealed the deal


of interlocking


adventures and shared 



Escaping near death,

falling off boards onto wrists,

downhill descent

screaming past parked cars,


wherein that itself

is a rare occurance

when once was daily.

Temperature varied,


as did the places they'd

hunker down,


stopping to have a drink.


Seperated by little,

attached at the hip,

it seemed. Until

life happened,


having sent the older 

away for summmer,

the younger away for the rest,

testing himself and his brain.


Drumming away,

marching on by,

the two had lives 

blur on by, 


spiraling in different directions,

story arcs and sidequests,

conquests coloring the night,

but by and by, 


when guest apperances

would transpire,

everything dropped

to meet one another,


the bond was made stronger

with the short time

it had to cure.

Not to say


neither were lost,

but both stepped in confidence.

Always looking ahead,

but once they were together,



to each love was gave.

Brotherly love,

concrete waves."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Always good to see an old friend you rarely talk to, but as soon as you're together you're as close as ever.

*The Same*

Trisha Barrek Hopkins
Sun 5/25/2008 8:04 AM 

Everyday i wake up its always the same 
Put on my clothes brush my teeth 
I only have myself to blame 
I never have any friends to meet 


Its to work and back home 
I feel so unwanted so not myself 
I feel so alone 
I wish i could put my life back on the shelf 


My life will never be different or change 
It'll always be the same 
I just wish i could have it arranged 
To show people my life's not a game 





Reading old poems

Remembering how I felt

All the pain n them

I can't help but wonder


Why was I ever there?

I suddenly realize

That there was a point

So I’d meet you



Written on 

October 8, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about Chad Seas. It wouldnt work in the long run, but I wrote a lot of good poems over the next four months.

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Lovetale (with healingwoman)


I see your face in a worried place

I'm still hoping 'til we parted ways

I never saw someone like you

Someone as beautiful as you


Our eyes met

across a crowded room 

something in his eyes told me

we would cross paths again


One Sunday morning we met in a park

The sight of you lit my way that's once dark

Never thought I'd meet you here

I would have been ready


I was just sitting there deep in thought

when he caught my eye 

i did a double take 

i knew right away, he was the one


I've waited all my life for you

Now, I do not know wat to do

You got me speechless

This love is endless


This was no ordinary kind of love

This was more powerful

The kind of love that came straight out of the heavens

Universal, unconditional, unstoppable..

She was there to redefine the meaning of love 


This is so much stronger

Than I've experienced before

This will last much longer

Than I've ever had before


And so we learned

The meaning of love

From the very first day

We had met in the park

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem I've written with the amazing healingwoman