*The Same*

Trisha Barrek Hopkins
Sun 5/25/2008 8:04 AM 

Everyday i wake up its always the same 
Put on my clothes brush my teeth 
I only have myself to blame 
I never have any friends to meet 


Its to work and back home 
I feel so unwanted so not myself 
I feel so alone 
I wish i could put my life back on the shelf 


My life will never be different or change 
It'll always be the same 
I just wish i could have it arranged 
To show people my life's not a game 



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Oh my it looks like we are

Oh my it looks like we are living the same life. Lol. I have one like this one I havent posted yet but will do so.

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Life Games

Life is a game. Sounds like you have not learned the rules. Now, a woman asks a man out for a date. To the prom, to the party, to the get-together, to the political rally, the play, and dinner. You must take the risk of sounding foolish, silly, laughable, and stupid, otherwise you will never survive the phone call from the guy you gave your number to at the luncheon. To be loved one must play the baffoon, the clown, the sprite to be worthy and to demonstrate a secure character. Invite yourself to the event - don't wait for the invitation - just show up again and again, eventually they will let you stay. Just thinking out loud again ~ :D Lady A