love sick






I had a dream about

      You today

You were doing ok 

Locked in a multi faceted


you were kissing His 


It was green pastures

And yellow flowers

And ya danced and played

Into the wee hours

And you decided to stay

Locked in a multi faceted


It started to snow

And the trees cowered 

Under the weight

But you just shook

   Your head

Never mind you said

"I will take a rose"

He said "you already own my soul"

You laughed and replied

"I'm yours until I die"

Then you wrapped him up

In a multi faceted embrace

Then you kissed his


 you were in your room

         Dust and cobwebs filled

     The place

But he was there to

Greet your astonished  face

In that moment you

Lost track of time

You were tongue tied

You had no reason nor


You walked out of


Till you locked yourselves 

In a multi faceted embrace

Then he kissed your


A spectacular change

Love found again

Just when you thought

You would never win

Summer walks back taking away

Your shade

And you started a new


Wrapped in a warm embrace

Then he caressed your face

And locked you into a

Multi faceted embraced

You had devolved your taste

You tried to hide by Plastering 

 magazines all over Your face

But you couldn't hide

   That smile

And boy oh boy

It drove him wild

He couldn't wait to

Resume his place

A multi faceted embrace

And In the end you waved 

And I knew you would be ok

Even if you had not

The words to say

It was now plastered 

On your face

You just couldn't wait


Please, Don't Go

Please don't go --  

I hardly knew you.   

I hardly knew whether you  

liked your carrots and hummus with  

blueberry tea, chai, or if you  

preferred water.  I hardly knew  

if pancakes were your favorite  

with fresh fruit, or if waffles  

could have been substituted.   

I hardly knew if classical music was  

your jam, though Hozier definitely broke  


Please don't go,  

I need you whole and  

I love you so; your presence gives me  

flutterbys that calm my crazy stomach.   

I hardly knew whether Scarlett  

matched your eyes.   

I hardly knew if your taste in literature  

was acquired, like that sweet tooth for ice cream,  

or if your very genes turned on  

the expression of a bookworm.   

I hardly knew the soles of your glorious feet  

and where they would want to be planted,  

given the chance to take root.   

hardly knew if your sleepy eyes  

looked for mine  

before guiding your consciousness  

into dreams. 

Please don't go.   

I want you forever, and  

I know that's selfish, but  

I've never expressed greed like this  


You are the sweetest notes  

to ever grace my ears;  

sweeter than the twinkling of  

the brightest star,  

sweeter than the tigers spoken by Mary Jane,  

sweeter than any ice cream I could possibly name. 

So please don't go --  

you keep me whole.   

I love you so. 

Cire Luey Freemind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a freewrite