Please, Don't Go

Please don't go --  

I hardly knew you.   

I hardly knew whether you  

liked your carrots and hummus with  

blueberry tea, chai, or if you  

preferred water.  I hardly knew  

if pancakes were your favorite  

with fresh fruit, or if waffles  

could have been substituted.   

I hardly knew if classical music was  

your jam, though Hozier definitely broke  


Please don't go,  

I need you whole and  

I love you so; your presence gives me  

flutterbys that calm my crazy stomach.   

I hardly knew whether Scarlett  

matched your eyes.   

I hardly knew if your taste in literature  

was acquired, like that sweet tooth for ice cream,  

or if your very genes turned on  

the expression of a bookworm.   

I hardly knew the soles of your glorious feet  

and where they would want to be planted,  

given the chance to take root.   

hardly knew if your sleepy eyes  

looked for mine  

before guiding your consciousness  

into dreams. 

Please don't go.   

I want you forever, and  

I know that's selfish, but  

I've never expressed greed like this  


You are the sweetest notes  

to ever grace my ears;  

sweeter than the twinkling of  

the brightest star,  

sweeter than the tigers spoken by Mary Jane,  

sweeter than any ice cream I could possibly name. 

So please don't go --  

you keep me whole.   

I love you so. 

Cire Luey Freemind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a freewrite

lizardking's picture

chai tea lattes.. the most

chai tea lattes.. the most adorable girl turned me on to them. her name was hayzo and she taught me a magic trick with her cigarette. gypsie love. can that be a song? that should be a song. gyspie love

CireLueyFreemind's picture

Gypsie Love

Let me know if you make that song. :)

Be well; thy will be done.

allets's picture

Great Lines

including: "...I've never expressed greed like this before...
This is an exceptional love plea poem. Enjoyed the unique flavors.



CireLueyFreemind's picture

Thank you!

I was feeling particularly pleading with this piece; I never experienced a love quite like that before, aside from connecting with God as I understand It.  I miss that physical love...

Be well; thy will be done.