Some Want More People Others Want Fewer

All Paths Are Holy


Who want more population?

The Pope who says contraception is a sin.

Certain Muslims who want to spread Islam to all.

Certain Russians wanting more Russian Caucasians.

Certain Japanese desiring more Japanese Asians.

Whether you want more or fewer people,

unbeknownst to the victims

some of the polio vaccines paralyze

while polio and some covid vaccines

unethically and secretly sterilize.




Perhaps a majority of the world believe population must be controlled, since it is a major cause of the deforestation which leads to record breaking 3 digit heat all over the world. However no one should be forcibly sterilized through

ingredients secreted in vaccines. Michael Yeadon, retired Pfizer vice president, has petitioned European Union health authorities to withdraw the Pfizer vaccine saying it destroys women's placentas. There are countless reports to and other threads that men's post-vaccine sperm count is down or nonexistant, that aftr a vaccine injection women's periods are irregular or nonexistent, or that their babies are dying in the womb.

Birth control without the consent of the vaccine recipient is a crime.

Some believe sterilization prevents the human incarnation of reincarnating human or high mammal souls (e.g. dogs, dolphins, primates, elephants, cats, raccoons, horse, cows)


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What is a good gift for a Russian?

Every Russian loves his country and culture. Their culture is one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. Gifting is a great practicing tradition for them. They like to give a gift to others and also like to get a gift from others. It is easy to make a Russian happy by giving a gift. This article is going to describe the best Russian gifts that the Russian like most. 


Nature of the Russian

Before selecting a gift for a Russian, it is necessary to learn about the person. It is important to know the nature and taste of that person because the satisfaction of a man depends on his attitude. It is common in all the Russian that they all love their country, culture, history, and own lifestyle. So, if you can gift a Russian gift surely, he or she will be great full to you. 


Gift for man

The items for men and women vary greatly. So, you need to buy gents items to gift a man and make it sure because a man likes manly products most. According to this concept, a man does not like dolls but he likes souvenirs. A Russian male also likes memorabilia of his country. Cap, badge, medal, bag, back pack with Russian or past Soviet Union symbol are a good example of the memorabilia gift for the men. Besides Wooden Checker Set, Real Man Notebook, best of the best notepad, Men Porcelain Mug is the best example of gifts for men. 


Gift for woman

The first gift was invented for a woman. Again, most of the gift items in the world are for women. Most of the women like the item that is useful to increase the beautification of her and her home. In this sense, they like ornaments and decoration items most. They also like to furnish the kitchen with the best decoration and porcelain. The imperial egg is one of the best items that can help them to decorate their home with standard beautification. 


Gifts for children

Everybody loves children and wants to see them with a happy face. Gifting children is awesome because it makes a very pleasing moment. Dolls and playing items are the best items for gifting to the children. Surely, all the Russian children are familiar with the Matryoshka or Nesting doll. It is a part of Russian culture and lifestyle. So, every Russian child from an early age wants to have these dolls.  


Buying Russian Gift

Stp goods is a reliable online and real-life store where you can buy all kinds of Russian gift items at an affordable price. You can rely on it because it is a real Russian store. So, all the gifts and products in this store are Russian. 



All the Russian loves their cultural and traditional products. So, every kind of Russian gift is the best gift for them. In foreign countries, these are more valuable to them. 

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