Some Want More People Others Want Fewer

All Paths Are Holy


Who want more population?

The Pope who says contraception is a sin.

Certain Muslims who want to spread Islam to all.

Certain Russians wanting more Russian Caucasians.

Certain Japanese desiring more Japanese Asians.

Whether you want more or fewer people,

unbeknownst to the victims

some of the polio vaccines paralyze

while polio and some covid vaccines

unethically and secretly sterilize.




Perhaps a majority of the world believe population must be controlled, since it is a major cause of the deforestation which leads to record breaking 3 digit heat all over the world. However no one should be forcibly sterilized through

ingredients secreted in vaccines. Michael Yeadon, retired Pfizer vice president, has petitioned European Union health authorities to withdraw the Pfizer vaccine saying it destroys women's placentas. There are countless reports to

childrenshealthdefense.org and other threads that men's post-vaccine sperm count is down or nonexistant, that aftr a vaccine injection women's periods are irregular or nonexistent, or that their babies are dying in the womb.

Birth control without the consent of the vaccine recipient is a crime.

Some believe sterilization prevents the human incarnation of reincarnating human or high mammal souls (e.g. dogs, dolphins, primates, elephants, cats, raccoons, horse, cows)


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What is Sakitumi?
A decaying Japanese fish dish
which awakens violence in people

saiom shriver
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English followed by original German. Plus a probably horrible Japanese version for good measure because this is about a Japanese girl.

Your mind is beautiful
Your soul draws me in
With its delicate calm
And I have niether the strength
Nor the will to escape
I want to die in there

That I may know heaven


Dein Geist is schön
Deine Seele zieht mich hinein

Mit ihrer zarten Friedlichkeit

Woraus der zu flüchten
Habe ich weder die Wille noch die Kraft

Darin will ich sterben
Damit ich Himmel kennen darf




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