Come Back


Sometimes I think maybe when you said

you would come back

you meant when I was drowning

and once you had buried all the branches

in the perfect snow.


You would come back like a promise

I barely recognize.


You would come back and tell me to



I bury the keys to all my doors

and leave the silver in shatters,

right now

locked is better than overflowing.


Sometimes I think maybe when you said


you meant war.


There were certainly

enough casualties

to fill a textbook,


my heart my head my hands


someday the slices will grow back

and the rivers will fill

and there will be nothing left you have seen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/7/17

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The power is out,
The lights are gone anyways,
Seems I couldn’t find my way,
Always astray,
These days.


In a word,
Past people,
Irrelevant sequels,
Happiness tainted by a frown.


Living to love,
Accidentally creating hate,
Emotions churn,
Leaving a burn,
Logic arriving too late.

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Goodnight, Goodbye


You said goodnight to me,

I said goodbye to you.

You didn't think twice

didn't think it was strange.

But tomorrow you'll see

what my goodbye means.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let me know what you think.


I wrote this and it has a picture with it that I can't show here... but the picture is of a noose I drew.



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Adieu (Goodbye)

The rose petals fall, but not without a final Adieu.
The crows screech, and flap their wings, but not without waving to you.
The tree's leaves whip in the wind, but not without seeing me through.
That all say goodbye, like birds and flies, when winter comes to town.
They all fly away and they all say Adieu.
Adieu, my love, Adieu.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This story is about two lovers being split up, because one of the lovers has died in the dead of winter.

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