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Verse 1:
For the first time,

Since I've last saw you,
I can feel again.
Melt my soul and spirit.


I'll be your everything

And I'll be so much more.

As long as we're together,

We'll never falter.


Verse 2:
Bring me to life.

Wake me up inside.

It's as if

You've cardioverted me.


My dead heart:
Our love has

Turned electric

In the air tonight.


Last Chorus:
Never Falter with the wind.

We're each other's shelter

From the storm.

We'll wait it out

Once the storms have passed. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

one of many songs I wrote back in 2014. It's about finding love unexpectedly and never feeling this way about anyone before.

Missing You

Verse 1: The further away

             That I am from you

             The more I end up missing you

             I can't hate you for what you did


Chorus: I'll always love you

            How and when will this love end?

            Now that I'm no longer your's,

            I can't help missing you


Verse2: I can only pray for your happinness

            Even if I fall in love with somebody else,

            You're always going to be the one for me

            Missing you, you've turned into a memory


Bridge: Don't forget about the promises that

            We made together

            It was a sign of our love

            Now that I've moved on, I'm no longer missing you


Last-chorus:  Though, I call your name out in my dreams,

                    I know that these thoughts and feelings

                    Will no longer reach you.

                    Still, I can't help missing you whenever I'm alone


Verse3: I gave you my heart

            I gave you all of me

            Yet, you broke it

            Farewell, my lover



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have written many songs but haven't had time to post them up lately. I'll post more when I have time. I just wrote this song this morning. Here's the link to my other songs (sung acapella): ohtheirony1989.bandcamp.com (it's an EP I'm working on, long time coming...currently trying to learn guitar to begin composing those songs). I almost forgot about this account until recently. I hope you enjoy. This is dedicated to an ex (aka my first love). We were together for seven years (2003-2010)....



As I look him in his eyes

I know he's hurting inside

He can't know the truth

Cuz I know he'll blow the roof

As the tears fall from my eyes

I know deeply, I can't hide

I open my mouth to speak,

My heart begins to get weak

I close my eyes 

As he takes a seat

My heart skips a beat

As I turn my head to the sound

Knowing our world, will be turned upside down

My husband stands and yells

As my mystery man emerges

I scream in panic

Not knowing what to expect

My husband looks down on me

And screams "Is this the man you've been creepin' with?!"

My mystery man speaks up and says,

"Brother, I thought you knew" 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/29/06

Blissful Sacrifice

Set the fires higher-
The golden embers are sediments of desire.
A ritual for adoration-
Chants that I scream without hesitation.
An altar that hosts your image-
Perfection, no deception. 
But your diction and conviction-
Often detriments.
Keep still while I fill,
This chamber with reminders.
Sweet love, you're confused.
I'm your muse despite your bruises-
No need to stir, this sacrifice is suffice.
You'll sleep still in silk,
I've ladled out the sins- 

You're distilled.

The Mara

When I stare into her eyes, I see more than just glossy orbs of contrast and color. 

Something is contained deep inside her gaze,
Sometimes it speaks to me and whispers subtle hints of her life and I find myself moved in a profound way. 
Her mouth remains silent but I can always discern her mood. 
When she's passionate, they blaze and the intensity renders me all but helpless- the spell she casts without a single utterance is sheer terror, but god, I'm falling in love with the way she frays my nerves and lays waste to my heart. 
When the dark, thick cloak of tar black depression swallows her up- sometimes for months on end- her eyes become cold and distant. 
I can never see her clearly, as if a murky veil stands between myself and the pools of liquid soul I so long to dive deeply and drown in. 
What once was filled with clarity and bubbling effervescence becomes tepid standing water; when these times are upon her I find myself wondering if she'll ever come back to me as she was before.
Yet every damn time her resilience catches me by surprise, and soon I'm stranded in the middle of her island once again. 
I don't even call for help. I tear apart the raft that could bring me to shore and burn it just so I could write her name in smoke in the sky and scatter her beauty as a gift to the clouds. 
She's relentless, yet pursues in sheer silence. The pads on her feet mute her steps, but I swear I catch the low rumble of a growl as she watches my every move when I'm with her. 
I don't fear who she is, I fear the way she can make me feel utterly helpless under her curious gaze.
She has the power and crushing strength of a lioness, yet the nimble grace and innocence of a lamb bathed in the brightest white. 
I tremble with the lightest touch from her slender fingers. She could press bitter poison to my lips and I would willingly let it cascade in deathly rivers down my throat, should she only but ask it of me. 
Ever unsure if she's playing with her food before the kill, or if I'm leading a thing of docile and utter purity to the bloodstained butchers block, I hover between terror for the health of my heart, and trepidation that I'm slowly destroying something truly irreplaceable.
I cannot be sure, but this I know; she will taunt me in my dreams with her laugh twinkling like silver bells, resounding through my head- she stays my sanity better than any shrink or pill ever could, yet gives me over to another brand of mind shattering craziness. 
I've fallen in love with a siren, and I will follow her voice to the very edge of this sheer cliff, gladly throwing myself to the unknown below to the beckon of her haunting call. 

The other side of you

I pick out a picture

A captured moment of us
There ain't a picture showing that smile
Displaying the damned wickedness
I loved the other side of you
The other 'rotten' side of you
For it disclosed you
Far more than lust
Far away from good u were
My deep conscience spoke
Yet not at first
But slowly
You hid a split
Cracking my wit
The jeopardy increased 
Your subtleness unleashed
Into more lies
White lies placed in our lives
Blank goes my face
When first saw you
Not on beauty,nor on those eyes
But on a mystery that binds
Rather I came to end you
You being a demon
A heart like gold
People say you have
Are they blind 
I seldom sneered
Now,the broken breeze fears me
No one questioned those dirty eyes
Coz it hid under a mask
U masked man,I screeched
Open up you monster
Show your truth,you traitor
And now the storm showcased terror
I look at him,straight in his eye
A glint of venom reflected by
Mercy didn't exist in his heart
Which held a murderous view.


Satish Verma

Noway, I will ask 
the poem, to become stressed out, 
like the street, 
beaten and used again 
and again. 

Where do you want to go 
for a rendezvous with― 
unknown, in dark, 
groping for the unsung, 
unseen meaning? 

Time is worn out. You live 
on the fringes, unselling 
your ancient home, submerged, 
after the earthquake, 
triggered by ghosts of comments.


Satish Verma

Give me a lone word. 
I will write a poem. 

You enter the final hour 
of diagnosis. The kill 
was imminent. 

Back to back two trysts collide 
generating a fire. 

Who was peeling the moon? 

The stab sets in. In 
abeyance of the gift. I 
will give you a scar. 

Daisies will remain awake 
at night, for the vigil 
of a slain pilgrim.


Satish Verma

I have never been the same, 
after watching, the abandoned 

moon, rising gracefully, 
and becoming secular. There 

were no words, no speech; 
but a biological war had 

started between the shadows, 
like gondolas in the air. 

You unexpectedly turn blue. 
Somebody had left the bloody footprints.