Trusting in the silence is the path I’ve taken

My bleeding mind decays with every thought

I wonder if this is a phase or if I’ve been forsaken

Can’t stop wondering what If I would have never loved


Days pass without any change

I have a drink and it tastes the same

I give up into the purgatory of my life……times have changed

How deeply I’ve fallen, my world is made of clay


How I loved the silence

Now I live for the sound of a voice

I can’t hear it anymore, its all dead silence

I become numb by my own choice


Why am I fading away?

I can’t see my reflection anymore

I see the transparency of my pain

I face it everyday but it consumes me more and more…..


I don’t dream anymore, just visions of my grave

I can’t control a second of the day

The more I breathe the more I suffer everyday

When did everything become so gray


I’m tired of running, and so tired of falling

I am numb without having your love to heal me

Without anyone to hear me……..

I will remain quiet and broken

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for all whom still walk around this earth in human form, broken inside, without able to mend, without able to talk.