you left

The sound of the night reminds me of your voice

Silent and filled with mystery

And every night I hear you again…..vague and false

And every nightmare becomes a reality when wake up to my misery


You left and clearly said goodbye

And I stayed and waited for all those years

And all those years I wanted to die

And my face still burns for the million of tears


You are gone now and I only imagine you in mind

For hours and days I wait and wait sitting on our chair

And where were you with all of this I went through…. when I went out of my mind

For all those years I though of you. ……Alone and in despair


Where is the love you felt….did you forget or killed it in one day

With one word and one decision you rip me apart

And now I can’t face the mirror…..ashamed that I believed you would stay

But all was a fantasy I never faced….an act which you blissfully played your part……


You didn’t want to build, you wanted to destroy

How easy it seems to walk away

I couldn’t stop you, not even when as I showed you my bleeding heart

And you chose to leave me in pieces, and left me here to die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To deal with all these emotions is what makes us human, but also what can rip us apart inside.