That smart girl

That smart girl in front of the class

Hand always raised.

It seems like it`s all so easy for her.

And to the sky she is praised

That smart girl goes home

Sit down and study for 8 hours straight

Wanting to be great

For each failure cuts her to the bone.


People not understanding why she`s to erratic

Calling her dramatic, fanatic, and problematic.

Frustrated to the point of crying
She acts like she`s dying

People don’t understand the meaning of that low grade
But her mind goes on a self-crusade, feeling betrayed.

She does her best and still it`s not enough

Because this stuff

Is just too rough

And she can´t bluff

So, home she scuffs

Here she has to discuss

If in her, her parents put to much of their trust.

Being ready to combust

She is hushed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is simply for fun and people should be free to make their own interpretations.


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