Shining Very Bright

We all have a dark side

We all have a light

We really need to focus on

shining very bright

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all have a dark side that contrasts with the light. I suppose opposites are necessary to compare but always strive towards the light...positive vibes,peace,love, higher vibrations....try to block out the negative dark stuff...that is the gist of this poem written a day early for the last day of #NationalPoetryMonth #NaPoMo #PoemADay #April2021 #Day30

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Lost Cause

The more I learn the less I know

so what's with know it alls

I think they think they run the show

but they are a lost cause

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I always say those who think they know it all know nothing at all and those who know they don't are the ones that really know...something like that...not sure if that is exactly how I wanna word it but is what is coming out now...just an observation...I think it's more like the ones who know they don't know are the smart ones and the ones who think they know it all have a lot to learn...that sounds right... for #Day28 #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #PoemADay #April2021

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Fresh Morning Dew

Celery juice in the morning

is like drinking in fresh morning dew

it's incredibly refreshing

and really good for you too

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I recently got into the habit of having some fresh celery juice in the morning along with my organic juice cleanse and coffee with cinnamon and coconut oil and chocolate almond milk then a little later a banana and a few hours later a bowl of organic oatmeal with cinnamon,raisins,coconut oil,chia seeds and sometimes unsweetened cinnamon appleasauce...anyway that celery juice reminds me of the morning dew and it is so refreshing to drink. I love it and it is really healthy for you. It's good for lots of things and really feels like drinking in the fresh morning dew...anyway that is what inspired today's poem... #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #PoemADay #April2021 #Day27

Strange World

What a strange world we live in

don't know what to expect

Never give in

Don't get upset

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Writer's Digest poetry prompt for today was to write a poem from a title blank world...so I chose Strange World mostly because my sister told me about a show yesterday on Netflix called The Circle that is very strange. It is reality TV that I usually do not watch but it's a game. It makes you wonder about how much of this stuff really happens online hence Strange World...so inspired by something I was watching yesterday and the title prompt... #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #April2021 #PoemADay #Day26

Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology works pretty well

People just naturally want to rebel

Nobody likes to be told what to do

Try it and see if it works for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A memory popped into my head this morning about when I learned about reverse psychology and decided to try it and see how it worked. My mom had grounded me for something stupid I don't remember why but usually I would just stay in my room and pout about it. I decided to try reverse psychology so I started following my mom around. I was like Hi mom,what are we doing? I'm grounded so I am gonna hang around with you. I was right up on her every move...within a few minutes she was like Get outta here! I was like but I can't I'm grounded, remember? She was like not anymore. Get out of here! So my first try with reverse psychology worked like a charm...Ha Ha! Decided to write a poem about Reverse Psychology... #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #PoemADay #April2021 #Day25


The swimming pool was filled with jello

and of all things colored yellow

just what sort of twisted fellow

made the pool so very shallow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was done using a writing prompt for a Writer's Cramp contest entry on Writing.com The prompt was to write a poem about a swimming pool filled with something other than water...for some reason jello popped into my head to make this weird poem...enjoy... #NaPoMo, #NationalPoetryMonth,  #PoemADay, #April2021, #Day24

The Rebel in Me

There were only three rules

and I broke all three

guess it must be

the rebel in me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really like those Writers Cramp contest prompts on Writing.com...this is the second day I checked their prompt and the second time a poem came to me so it is good inspiration while doing a poem a day for National Poetry Month. They just have a contest there and yesterday  I am sure I did not enter correctly but today pretty sure I did but I won't remember how to do it tomorrow...they have such a weird complicated system that will take awhile to figure out and get used to I guess...maybe I will just use it for the prompts and heck with their contest entry...so this one is done a day early again #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #PoemADay #April2021 #Day23

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Snow in April

Snow in April is not that strange

these things happen when seasons change

not quite sure what to expect

there's no need to get upset

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I already did my day 21 poem so saving this one for tomorrow poem a day. I came across a prompt on writing.com site that inspired this one. #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #PoemADay #April2021 #Day22

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I used to watch Charmed and wonder if

because of my rhymes I was a witch

The Book of Shadows things they read

that rhyming cadence is in my head

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't really think I am a witch but I found it interesting the way their spells rhymed and the cadence they had just like poetry. Well they are poetry really. Rhyming lines with cadence... I do think poetry is magical though. Different people read it and read into it different things. That is pretty magical. Like everybody gets their own message from it whatever makes sense to them. It's pretty cool. #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #PoemADay #April2021 #Day21

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