Personified within me...


Dubiously I feel the warmth of your presence
Ignited the wooziness within me
Makes my knees fragile to feel you near
To hear you whisper in my ear
My passion begins to bleed
Running through my veins
Is the very quintessence of you

Trampled is my body
As goose bumps repeal me
As your flesh covers me
Caresses every inch of me
Juices begin to flow
Secretions of love
Are escaping from within

Touched by the everglades
Our romance is glistening
Trapped within our embrace
Intoxicated in honey-suckled essence
Covered in rose pedals
Relaxed in passion
Exhausted by the thought of you
Standing here before me
Unleashing reins of serenity

Passion eludes my flesh
As you suck on my neck
Kissing my nipples
As your tongue ring dances
Up and down
Across my flesh
Passion excites me with every stroke
Every pop of your tongue
Releases my ego
Bask lashing this ass
Brutha please
Hold on tight
Cause I'm about to take flight

As my body shivers
To your rhythmic love groove
So hot
So tempted
Ready to climax
The pleasure is unbearable
Please dont stop
Just give me more
As I allow you to explore
The very essence of my honey pot
Yes, thats it
thats my mutha fuccing spot

As i looking into the mirror
Who is that i see
Oh dam it's the freaky Bitch with in me
Hit it harder
As you are
Transforming me
Satisfying my inner mystery
I never want to awake
From this eluding dream

(c) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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