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Left & Right, Neither Right nor Wrong—

The deer and the wolf


There was no wind, only the sound of the last of the leaves falling from the long dead trees onto the barren ground. The blood-red light of dusk clung onto the edge of the frame, as if trying to escape the dark clouds that were racing to cover the land. At the mountain’s foot, stood a shadow with antlers, desperately trying to catch the last few droplets of water with its mouth, as they fell in slow agony from the rocks, those that once made up a stream that came from the mountains and into the now dry lake bed. You could tell from the creature’s bleeding ankles that he was exhausted and had been on the move for days. With a sigh, after wrapping up the last drop with his tongue, the deer fell on his stomach and closed his eyes. Little was he aware of the pair of yellow eyes perched on him.

A twig cracked, and just as the deer managed to open an eye, a shadow lunged out of nowhere towards him. With a jolt, the deer scrambled to its feet, but as he reached the perimeter of the forest, his antlers got caught on the branches of a fallen tree. With a bent neck and kicking desperately, it wrestled to break free.

-  Keep still or you’ll make it worse– muttered the two yellow eyes just as two fangs and a wolf’s snout came into what little light was left.
- Please don’t eat me.
- I’ll help you.
- How will I know…

It had been too much for the tired creature. As he fainted, his antlers freed themselves and the wolf put him on his back. He took him to the cave in which he had been staying since the Day. When the deer woke up, he had leaves around his ankles and a bowl of

fresh water in front of him.  


-       You didn’t eat me.
-       No, I want you to stay with me.  
-       Why would I do that?
-      You blind? Have you seen anyone else since the Day? We are the only creatures alive, we’ll have to stick together if we want to survive.

Although the deer did not trust him, he was very injured to continue alone, so he stayed. They became friends and once the deer got cured, he became very strong while the wolf got more tired everyday, as there was nowhere for him to find food. Eventually, water also became very hard to come across. The wolf fell very ill one day, and the deer tried to do anything he could to help him, just as the wolf had once done for him. The deer went on big searches for supplies, but there was nothing left. One night, both fell desperately hungry, but kept it to themselves as they did not want to alarm the other. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, an acute pain in the deer’s leg woke him up only to see the wolf chewing on it.

-       You betrayed me!
-       Never! You chose to trust me even though you knew the inevitable.

The deer wanted to fight, but it was too late. A cry filled the cave as the wolf reached for his throat.

Moral: A leopard cannot change its spots.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

By Omar Vidal and Mariana Ayala

Criteria Of The Fallen (An Affected Poem)

Criteria Of The Fallen





We are judged, not by how softly or

well meaning we have dealt with

each other's foibles alone



But we are immeasurably judged anyhow by -

the companies we join, families that we have,

friends with which we tag/go along



Almost assuredly our minds are

measured too, by some type of



But I would never understand

the mind of corruption,

the ways of crime, perhaps



People fighting off their men.

In the future, chopping off their heads—

if the right conditions shall be given



Over pedophilia, war profiteering,

orgiastic incontinence;

as if gluttonous craving.



—Only God will judge;

—in heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Criteria Of The Fallen", an admittedly affected poem, was written on 04/19/2017 at around 02:29 A.M.  Compared to the raw/original version in my Twitter platform, this one is an edited version (just the form/stanzas having been tweaked a little bit). Thank you for looking!

The Lion, the Lioness and the Snake

Before the human race, there was once a kingdom, where the lion and the lioness ruled and kept peace among all the living things. As they usually took care of all the important affairs of the kingdom, the lion and the lioness had a separate room they called ‘The Cave’, where nobody but them was allowed to come in. There, they used to make all the most important decisions in private before revealing them to the rest of the animals.


In the kingdom lived all kinds of animals. Big animals, small animals, thin animals and fat animals. Animals with legs, animals with wings, animals with fins and animals with nothing but their body, like the snake, who was known for being selfish and for always wanting to know everything about everyone, even if it was none of her business.


New Year’s was soon to come, and the rulers wanted to have a party for the entire kingdom, where all animals were invited to celebrate the end of another great year. They both decided to go to the cave so they could plan the party. The snake saw them walk into the cave and decided to sneak in. The lion and the lioness were discussing whether to make the party a surprise for everyone or to simply tell them all to go.


“We must tell them!” said the lioness.

“I don’t think we should” replied the lion.

“But it will be a complete disaster if we don’t!” answered the lioness.

“You don’t know that!” said the lion.

“But it will be on New Year’s Eve! We have to let them know what’s going to happen!” she said.


The snake heard this and left quickly.


The days went by and New Year’s Eve was getting closer. The snake deduced that the king was trying to hide the truth about the end of the world, and since she was such a selfish snake, she wanted to be the one to tell everyone about it. The gossip spread quickly among all animals in the kingdom. Everybody started panicking and decided to confront the king.


“We want to know the truth! We want to know the truth!” shouted the animals.

The king woke up to this scandal and said: “Easy, my people, would one of you please explain to me what is going on?”

“We want to know what will happen on New Year!” shouted a gorilla.

“How do they know?” asked the lioness to her husband.

“Well, we wanted to make it a surprise” said the lion, “but it seems like all of you already know…”

“We are having a big party for everyone!” said the lioness joyfully.

“A party? So there is no apocalypse? No end of the world?” asked a giraffe in the back.


Everyone started looking at the snake, who seemed to be very ashamed.


“Apocalypse? Who said that tremendous lie?” asked the lion, very confused.

“The snake told us the end of the world was coming on New Year’s Eve and you were trying to hide it from us!” exclaimed a young rabbit.


The lion and the lioness both looked at each other in awe then turned to see the snake with disappointment.


“Is that true, snake?” asked the lioness with a strong yet subtle voice.


The snake could not bear the shame her obtrusiveness had caused and started begging for forgiveness. The lion forgave her although she had to be punished for betraying the rulers and the kingdom, so she was uninvited to the party and also left her an untrustworthy reputation.


Moral: Don’t poke your nose where it’s not wanted.

By Valeria Villarreal and Miguel Marrufo

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The Raven and the Blue Jay

There once was a time, not so long ago, in Central Park New York City, a Raven and a Blue Jay (better known as “Jay”), who were the best of friends. These two were friends ever since they could remember; nest friends as papa bird calls them. While Raven had this combustion of impulsive energy in him, this need to always outsmart and stand out from the crowd. Little intelligent Blue Jay stayed by his side, and always supported him from the shadows.


Raven would always brag about being the fastest flyer in the city. He was recognized as “rapid raven” in Owl High since he was known for his capacity to do every thing faster than anyone else. Jay on the other hand, wasn’t known at all. Since he didn’t prove he was outstanding like Raven so he was practically invisible. Actually, he was outstanding in his own way but nobody noticed. He had the perfect grades and was a great singer. He actually preferred it this way though, his situation caused him no trouble. The mere thought of how fame just alters your ego and morphs you into someone you’re not, gave him the shivers down to his bird bones. He certainly did not want to be like that, however Raven was transforming little by little.


These two were a great pair. They’d do everything together. They would fly to school in the mornings and fly back home in the evenings, sometimes they would even wake up at dawn and go hunting. Even though they had their differences they needed each other, they counted on one another.


One day at school they were asked to do a project, they needed to collect branches and make a nest out of them. Once the head Owl was done explaining the instructions for the project, Raven had already begun the daunting task ahead. He soared through the whole park in a short matter of time, collecting the most branches he could find, of course faster than Jay.


Even if his friend seemed to be way ahead of him, Jay did not panic, and thought the project in a wise and composed manner. Brainstorming first about how he wanted to build his nest and making the physic and mathematical calculations on how much weight he wanted the nest to hold. After his calculations he slowly searched for the specific type of branches he had in mind; small but sturdy.


Raven, like always apparently “beat” Jay and brought in one hundred little tiny branches to their workshop in less than an hour. He started to work on his nest and was already halfway done by the time Jay arrived. Jay on the other hand, only brought fifty branches and started to build his nest patiently.


At the end of the class, the head Owl came to try out their nests. Raven bragged about how fast he had made his nest while Jay just stayed quiet. As the head Owl tried out Jay’s nest, every thing was amazing, he jumped, danced and it was hard as a rock. Once the head Owl stood on Raven’s nest it looked fine, but just as he jumped, the nest crumpled and came down in a rush. Raven stood there quiet and for the first time; and congratulated his best friend.


The moral of the story is this: Real achievement isn’t about who makes it faster, it’s about the final product.


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Paragon Paradox

The shrill of your voice gets louder;

Your river’s a poison,
That I gladly swim in.

Caught in a maelstrom,

Ideal torn to pieces,

Only the heart can be followed,

The mind merely breeds panic and caution.


So let the drum beat louder,

Don’t falsify your conscience to suit another,

Journeys end and begin on the same note,

A person has to lead in a dance between two people;
I’ve forgotten my position,
So take my hand,
I can be the strength for both of us,

Just not always for myself.

Just not when I’m on my own

Left to my own devices,
I spontaneously combust.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can protect those I love, but I find I can allow myself to be the target. An imperfect paragon of virtue.


Ana Mescco
Flor Sepúlveda
Adrian Felipe Sánchez

The bird and the fire


Once upon a time in the jungle, there were animals and plants, also rivers and all kind of animals but they have a defect and they would learn about cooperation and patient. It was a beautiful day, as usual, the sun was shining bright and the sky was blue, extremely blue and clear, birds were singing beautifully and the sound of the river completes the harmony in that jungle. But the animals were selfish and did not take care of the resources they think that they would live there forever. The Rain god, send the animals , rain and thunders as warnings, but they did not do anything about it, the Rain god do not know how to make the animals realize that they are doing wrong and that they must act instead of destroy day by day their habitat.   Suddenly the god gets mad with their behavior and their continuing destroying the jungle.

There was just a bird that was always trying to convince the other animals to take care of the jungle, but he was so little that anyone listened to him. So, the god decided to send them a lot of thunders, without rain, suddenly the fire start and the animals get scared and start running away. Just the bird was the only one trying to stop the fire by carrying water from the river hoping to end the fire sometime. A monkey ask him what he was doing, and the bird explain him that action was at least the only thing they all could do, that he was trying to save the place that give them everything to survive.

 Then the monkey start helping the bird and other animals ask the monkey what he was doing, and the monkey explain them that if they do not save the jungle no one else would do it for them. One by one the animals start to carrying water and pouring it to end the fire. Then the Rain god see how everybody was working together to save their home. So the god forgives them because he knows that they learned the lesson. The god sends a lot of rain in order to stop the fire. The animals rebuild the parts that was destroyed and after that they learn the gift of perseverance and stop being selfish and start caring about the other animals.

In this fable we learn that working together and perseverance will make you success.

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