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Sherwood, Arkansas

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All poetry contained in the pages are all original works by me and are copyrighted. NO UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTIONS ALLOWED WITH OUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT!!!!!To me if it comes down to stealing someones words means that you are a sad and lost soul with out a voice, and what a shame I pity you because mine is being heard. In these pages are some of of my deepest and darkest fears realized by me. Just because these fears are dark on page does not mean my life is dark, my life is not dark just full of past regrets. Regrets that cast shadows on the parchment that take shape in the form of words that rumble, and fumble through the thoughts I am trying to forget. Though recent favorable things have stirred my emotions but I still try to repress them, alas these past regrets haunt the paper that I am bound to. The only one that truly under stands and passes no judgment one me for staining white satin with tainted regret. With this I close the introductions to my words, and remember they are my words and would like to keep it this way.

***WARNING some Poems contain adult material, situations and language. Please use discretion when reading.*****

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When some one says ''thats not fair''....Just tell them a fair is a place you ride rides, and life is a ride so strap in and hold on and take it for all you can.


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