THE FILTER (metaphysical)


gallantly ineffective

that muse a mystic's bark

tempered like some folly

upon a miser's stock

wishes in grumbled few

flap about the mind's eye

elevated and confused

weary and leery to be gagged

in words

the soul's language is so very difficult

to translate

vision is a hiarchy

brought to its knees

through the polluted filter

of such a limited thing

as the human mind

and this is the constant case

of all the poetry

that loiters in me

ever so stubbornly



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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

excellent piece, I like that polluted filter of the mind line,it's so true by todays influences one has to filter societal nonsense and expectations to get back to who they really are and never be afraid to express it straight forward no matter the reaction or perception. My view,write what you think and feel, you answer the calling for yourself first, what follows follows..