"meaningless love"

there is something inside of me i cannot describe.

wrapped around my bones, so tightly that i cannot breathe.

after a  while it lets go but the pain remains.

the pain got deep into my heart and soul making all my dreams impossible.

the grief, the pain, the anger, the anguish makes me scream with affection.

then i saw it.

the vision of your face.

a blur, but it calmed me.

it always does.

thats the effect you have on me, came out of nowhere.

but how can you calm me down when you are the one who made me scream???

when im around you, everything is so simple.

yet confusing.


i feel it.

dont want to...

why cant all that just end?

as simple as that.

so maybe not everything is simple when im around you, but you are making them harder than ever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for him again.

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i have poem under same title too but your idea is killing me with joy.. hope you go through my poetry too

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