As one thing leads to another.... ...... 30Oct03


Thanks Julie.

Mary Poppins was always a childhood favorite.

One day, I watch it seriously.

Hey, this is really good.

Won 5 Oscars...

Watch it 6 more times in 6 days...

What's this I see in the credits?

'Based on the Mary Poppins books by P.L. Travers'

Travers? look it up on amazon...

I buy the books.

They're great.

So's the author.

Used to be a Shakespearean actress?

Shakespeare? Acting?

Eh... not interested.

Well, back to Mary P.

This actress is pretty darn good.

Julie? Was in the Sound of Music?

I watch it.

Then again.

And again.

hmm... directed by Robert Wise.

Julie made another movie with him


'Star!' ? never heard of it.

hey look, it's in the local rental store.

watch it.


but wait... who's this Gertrude Lawrence and Noel Coward?

Never heard of them...

Well... Gertie was in Lady in the Dark...

what else?

Well, Private Lives.

hey, Noel Coward wrote it


he's great

I'm in love.

With theater.

The 30s.

And acting.

Then comes Diana Rigg.

The Avengers.

Emma Peel.

This is some good stuff.

And there's no one like this dame...

Used to be in the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Shakespeare? Acting?...

Thanks Julie.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

basically if it weren't for Julie Andrews it would have taken me a lot longer to get interested in theater, which is my passion now ;)

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