7 minutes to sunrise,6 minutes to live


The wind howls the old barn

the moon creeps over the gates

clear black skies

a haunted forest

footprints in the creeks

he rapes her all night

he takes the essence of her purity

she struggles to overcome her fear

grieves over what happened

he's finished stealing from her

she cries a river of tears

he walks across the meadows

the wind blows

the trees howl

they rush pass creeks

gnashing teeth

running in order and in accord

their hungry for blood

they run passed her whinning and growling

she whispers to them

make it slow and painful

they rush to the meadows howling and growling

he runs

faster and faster

he see's her in glimpses around every tree

his heart pumping blood faster and faster

the howls are getting closer and closer

she giggles as he stumbles and runs

they run with anticipation and excitment

for tonight they run with purpose

he see's the barn

running as fast as his legs will carry him

he reaches the gates

thinking i made it

he locks it

and hides in a stall

hoping that'll be all

he sits their cowering




when they growled behind him

the last anyone ever saw of him

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