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I'm not good at these sorts of things, to be honest, I want you to know what you want to know, so it's kind of hard for me to just talk, but here goes nothing.

I don't find my name important. I also don't find speaking words important. In my opinion, the actions that you take have far more meaning than the words that you speak(with the exception of the words that need to be said). I am a believer in the great flow and balance of the universe and my ultimate goal in life is to find peace of heart, mind, body, and soul. I find that I cannot cleanse myself of the darkness without a proper outlet. My method of releasing the darker parts of my mind are creating music, art, and of course literature. I find that a lot of people live miserably because of something that they've done or the way they perceive the world. I've realized that perceptions are much like opinions and shouldn't be forced on anyone and my suffering is my own fault. And just as I have trapped myself in my suffering, I am the only one that can set myself free. My creations are what give me the wings to fly to freedom.

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