Life was at its worst

All my bubbles burst

Then I was beguiled

All because you smiled

Burdens were lighter

My world much brighter

Problems reconciled

All because you smiled

I love you so much

My heart you do touch

You have driven me wild

All because you smiled

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written June 13, 2003

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Stars Of The Centaur: Sagittarian Freedom

Stars Bow To God


Sagittarius is freedom to travel, free of root jails
    freedom of the spoken and written truth which melts lies
    freedom of thought which breaks the chains of the past
     freedom of relationship... liberating from hypocrisy
    freedom of joy and humor... lifting souls from despair
      freedom of physical movement.. the Centaur is one with   his
animal body

Sagittarius learns
      the hunting archer learns that killing and eating animals
                                       is harmful to them and to him
      that the discipline of fidelity transcends promiscuity
       immobile meditation is the highest freedom
        silent love is the highest truth..

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me no worry, me no care

me go marry a millionaire

if he die, me no cry

me go marry another guy

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I am here smiling.

Smiling because I know

This happiness I feel Is real.

Happiness given to me

From you.

I put away the anti-depressants

because I dont think I will be

Depressed for awhile.

I put away the knife,

the marble and the rope.

No more self inflicted harm

For me.

I'm too Happy to want to die.

Too happy living my life

With you.

Nothing can

Bring me down now.

Let people try,

But because of you

Josh, I am HAPPY!

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There is always one dream that stays alive in my mind.

It is even gasping for breath of pure happiness.

As my tower takes a final plunge downward to reality,

I turn away.

Yes, I'm dreading unfavorable events.

There is always one moment that duplicates itself in my heart.

It even outweighs the moment that I let him go,

descending to the soil.

Laying my troubled soul to rest,

I dream of that dream without going to sleep.

There is always one chance that one could take.

Certain odds that could bring me to a

pathway of amity.

My own fate is in my own hands.

This chance entails with one powerful choice.

One dream that turned into one moment that takes

one chance to make it happness for ALWAYS.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is what I dream about...

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Wir wنhlen

Dich nicht.

Bitte verlaك

Unsere Gebiete.

Wir haben

damit, nicht

zu tun.

Sind wir Kinder

Jesus Christus.

Bescheidenes Leben

Macht hoch gehobenen


Bringt uns

Freude und Glück.

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I sit down here and think of you,

I know you’re thinking of me too;

I’m happy that within this world

Our two fates are together hurled.

Here is one whom I can talk with

Without worry o’er the words;

Someone I could run or walk with

Through my life and see the birds.

When I’m with you it’s no matter

Whether we begin or end;

Happiness that may soon tatter

Shows no vestige of such trend.

Whither go we? Should I care?

What matters more is here, not there.

Everything seems so grounded in time;

I wish to cast my fate with Rhyme.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From a long time ago, when I was in a relationship that really only provided poetry fodder :/

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big ol' chicken leg

my contentment tonight is your dreamy

voice left on my machine and the thought

you are lost in morphine dreams

that your bump is gone, that you are feeling

better and the pain killers are work

i am writing letters and drinking

my version of brown alcohol

that is scotch

i am peeing on a snow bank

in my front yard and

worshiping your thighs

excuse me, that is an exaggeration

i am hoping the best for you and

hungering for the next time i see you

i am a sleazy guy, wishing

i could sleep with 100 women

but in reality, i only want

to be intimate with you

i want to hold your hand again

kiss your lips and feel the excitement

when our bodies are pressed together

this is stupid

but tonight i don't care

if i fit into your world

you happiness is the only world

to care about

and i am glad the bump is gone

from your chicken leg

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"Ha Ha"


You didn't have a clue about it,

But, I just couldn't live without it.

If I could sing, I'd serenade you.

Just like NSync, and I'd persuade you,

To ignore the constant dripping,

Hold my hand now, don't start tripping.

Hold me tight, keep you from slipping.

No one seems to comprehend. But you, my friend,

Have always tended to be splendid,

Now I'm intending to extend the courtesy to you again.

      -Lo Ruhamah

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"working on my stupid homework that my teachers so wonderfully gave me to entertain myself with this weekend, gotta love teachers that plan your weekends for you"
- Aaron Smith

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