There is always one dream that stays alive in my mind.

It is even gasping for breath of pure happiness.

As my tower takes a final plunge downward to reality,

I turn away.

Yes, I'm dreading unfavorable events.

There is always one moment that duplicates itself in my heart.

It even outweighs the moment that I let him go,

descending to the soil.

Laying my troubled soul to rest,

I dream of that dream without going to sleep.

There is always one chance that one could take.

Certain odds that could bring me to a

pathway of amity.

My own fate is in my own hands.

This chance entails with one powerful choice.

One dream that turned into one moment that takes

one chance to make it happness for ALWAYS.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is what I dream about...

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Rick Pacheco's picture

This poem has a good start, however I would like to see it have more detail about the dream and the "moment". I feel that the emotion is their it just leaves a want for more detail. Otherwise Pretty Good!