This is Happiness. This is Love


When you close your eyes and smell the lilacs in spring,

when a child looks at you and smiles because they understand,

when you see green leaves so thick moving in the wind,

when raindrops fall on you without an umbrella and you don't care,

this is happiness

this is Love.

And you know that somehow

- somehow,

everything will be all right.

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What Will I Do

I'm trying to think about how I feel

about what i'm going to do

of the person that i've quickly become

and the one that I am without you.

Of the choices i'm making and living today

and the truth from my own point of view

I can tell that the way that i'm thinking today

is a way that you just never do.

I think it's a pity you will never see

that joy is just sonething you find

change is just something that happens

and to that you should never be blind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had to put in the third stanza like that because I couldn't think of anything else its an old one anyways

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Coast to Coast

There’s over a thousand Ks between,

over technology the only way to be seen.

Only a week but still enough,

to make the many kilometers tough,

Not a million bits to miss away,

just 4 for the provinces in the way.

Although in person time was short,

but unfamiliar is not in my report.

Communication has been running thin,

Conflicting time zones keep the min.

When summer comes we’ll meet again,

But I’ll give you this until my friend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for a friend

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Whenever I think of you

I look outside

I imagine your face

on the bright white clouds

I think of you

holding me tight

us just talking

all through the night

I think of you smiling at me

we'll be together forever

and I'll hang on

to every memory

You have made me the

happiest girl and

I'm so glad that I

have you in my world

I don't know what

I would do without you

I love you so much

You're my dream come true

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My World

No one can compare to you

No one can take your place

No one makes me happier than you

You're the one who always puts a

smile on my face

I've always believed

that there is someone for everyone

Now I believe

that you are my somebody

the one person in my life

that I will always love

I love it how we can be so open

with our feelings to each other

and there's no one else I'd rather

be with than you

I dream about you

night and day

I love it how the thought of you

never goes away

I found the one person

who truly understands

the one person

who I can call my man

You are the one

I truly care for

the one I love

everyday more and more

You've made me

the happiest girl

so this is why

you are also my world

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Now that I have you in my life

I never want to say goodbye

You are the one I need

You are the only one for me

Even if we met through the oddest way

There aren't enough words

that can explain

All the feelings I have for you

that could seem to good to be true

What I'm saying

comes straight from the heart

there is no lie

that can break us apart

You're there when I need you

and I'm the there when you need me

You make my life complete

You're my angel

You always put

a smile on my face

and fill my heart with love

that on one can replace

I thank the Lord above

for bringing us together

with this love we share

we'll last forever

And I say thank you

for being the light in my life

erasing the darkness

that I thought I had inside

When I thought our love

could never happen

and now it has

and it will last

for as long as I have the

will to remember

And now I say

I Love You

always and forever

my dream come true

You're my angel

the one that stays

in my heart

The angel that I'll

always love

And you'll always be

my angel that

God has sent to me

from above

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Finished your Homework?

I tell him to go to sleep,

But he sits there on the sofa,

I tell him to clean his room,

But I see him outside with his friends.

I scream at him to do his homework,

But he's on the phone, lauphing.

One day I willl take his sofa,

Friends and phone,

And he will cry,

And I'll feel bad indside,

Till I give him everything back.

One day I will walk into his room,

And he for the first time,

Will be doing his homework.

And then I'll wake up from a deep sleep,

Wake up from my favorite dream.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

close as to humor as my poems get lol

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To Be Happy

When you feel that we're not worth it


don't let the things that we all go through

make you bitter,

be at peace with all the choices

you are making

see the path that you do walk on

is worth taking.

Use the wisdom of all others

that have been through it

see their mistakes and just be sure

you never do it,

be there for people you know helped you

all along

remember all the good times had

when they are gone.

Don't take for granted even

just a single starburst

love your life but see that things

can always get worse,

see that love is not unlike

a joyeous song

that it can't grow through choices made

you know are wrong.

Cherish every single thing

until it's gone,

the things we love

will never lastfor long.

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* All Time *

             i sit up for many speacil

             nights, i have you on my mind

             most of the day. you tell me

             you will call me tonight, i

             put my purple phone near my

             bed, i check my phone line twice.

             because your call is very important

             to me i love you @ that sexy voice .


                * i wrote this poem *

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