"Ha Ha"


You didn't have a clue about it,

But, I just couldn't live without it.

If I could sing, I'd serenade you.

Just like NSync, and I'd persuade you,

To ignore the constant dripping,

Hold my hand now, don't start tripping.

Hold me tight, keep you from slipping.

No one seems to comprehend. But you, my friend,

Have always tended to be splendid,

Now I'm intending to extend the courtesy to you again.

      -Lo Ruhamah

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"working on my stupid homework that my teachers so wonderfully gave me to entertain myself with this weekend, gotta love teachers that plan your weekends for you"
- Aaron Smith

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fighter4life's picture

I love this.

oh_so_odd's picture

wonderful. simple as that

Marianne Chrisos's picture

this is really nice. very very pretty. personal and what not. shhh marianne. shh.