Truly Loving

Touch me, hug me, hold me, kiss me, love me.

That is what my body always wants to say to you.

It misses your body next to it just as I miss

you being near me.

Some times I can't wait until I see you again.

Truthfully I can never wait.

Every touch sends electricity through me.

Every hug is a sweet greeting.

Every time you hold me I feel safe.

Every kiss is a massage to that part of me.

Every time you show that you love me, I know

it is for real.

No matter the doubts some people may have, I

know the truth because I can see, feel, and

hear it when I am with you.

Your love is like candy to me.

I can never get enough of it.

Some times I wonder why you love me so much,

and why do you treat me so good.

Then I think about how you may feel about how

much I love you.

Do I show you that I love you as much as

you love me?

You can be honest, I won't be upset.

I want you to know I love you as much as you love me.

Now you may know after reading this, my one true love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem to my boyfriend because I was having a hard time expressing how I felt.  I had been hurt and I wanted him to know my love for him.

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"Dance! Dance! Dance!"


Good moods all around,

Music shakes the walls,

Spin your body, shake it down,

Rockin through the halls.

Dancing through the ground,

We're too high to fall,

Work it all night, jump around,

If you got the balls.

Dance! Dance! Dance!

At first glance,

Like a trance.

Take a chance,

And advance,

Such romance,

Just Dance! Dance! Dance!

DJ moves the room,

No butts on no chair.

Favorite makeup, new perfume,

Fix your nails and hair,

Sequined black costume,

Flash your sultry stare.

Eyes are watching 'round the room,

Dancing through the air.

Dance! Dance! Dance!

So, put out your smoke,

Party on inside.

Laugh and make a stupid joke,

As your eyes collide.

Aimlessly you spoke,

Well, at least you tried.

Come on, I'll buy you a coke,

Put your cares aside.

      -Lo Ruhamah

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Snake: Naomi, how long have I got? [to live]

Naomi: Does it really matter? Simply enjoy your life...and live! For that is the essence of existence.

- "Solid Snake" and Naomi Hunter  Metal Gear Solid

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Cute (G)

To me the world is a bus

Hurtling by in a blur of logos

And I am a man with one eye

Catching disjointed images

Fractured messages

Lost light

To me the world is a comet

Blazing over a lazy chunk of rock

Peppered with meaningless ions

Brushed with heat

Pointed in the wrong direction

To me the world is a stray tiger

Starving, wanting

A pit of teeth and wonder

Wandering for a place to sleep

Wandering for a bite to eat

To me you are a kind coin

I find in the rain

When a flat tire kicks my foot

Shining and brief

Yet memorable and treasured

I'll put you in my pocket and never spend you

Thank you for reading this

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For all the eyes who've found me.  Thank you, whatever you are.

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How To Recognize A Good Man

A good man is strong. He respects himself and others. He is very alert and aware of who he really is. He can seek the definition from himself, nor does he expects to read a womans mind.

A good man recognizes that his strength is weakened by his attitudes and ways that suggests that he doesn't need a woman. We all know that is not true. Men need a lot of loving.

A good man can be hopeful. He is strong enough to make all his dreams and his decisions come true. He needs real love, therefore he can give it back to her. He can recognize that his love has great meanings and values. If a man's love is taken for granted, it will soon fade away.

Men have to reach the potentials that God has given to him, and he will endure his pains of pains. A good man knows his past, he understands his presents and working toward the future.

A good man knows God. He knows that with him the world will be his playground, but without God your life will be played.

Your mate has already existed. Ya'll just might be prepared to meet each other one day. Throughout your many years of experiences, your soul is sketched. That one special day will come when the two will meet face to face. He will not need fixing. He will not require any work either. You will touch in a place that your heart and soul will be devine one day, it has been untouched.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I want to know do he really exist

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From The Heart

I pray for the strength to decide on you.

I ask God’s blessing if that’s what I should do.

So uncertain am I, of my capabilities.

It’s not your strength, loyalty

or commitment that I question.

‘Tis my own weaknesses,

of them are they plentiful.

No guidance have I had

through the forming years.

To use as reference

for the future.

All is filtered

through the template

that was my childhood.

Unlike you,

who knew from the start,

that you existed,

because you did.

You stood and ran

on your own strength.

The moon,

sun and the stars

have been your perpetual guides

on this journey we call life.

I just pray that god leads

us on the same path together.

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Morning Drink

So cold it cracks my teeth

But spiced with orange from the skies

Morning moss warming my knees

Sting of ice opens my eyes

Snow lines the banks with rabbit tracks

As ice draws crystal sculptures on the trees

The frozen feelings I once felt relax

Something inside me warms a few degrees

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Smiles of joyfulness and hope are upon my face

For laughter brings it preciousness and its grace

Life is sweet and I am so replete with happiness

Such sweet refrain of joyous gain engulfs my life

Smiles of cheerfulness and peace are within my eyes

For amusement and contentment fills my inner soul

Life is pleasurable and full of possibilities for gain

Such pleasing ways to live, with all that I have to give

Smiles of happiness and contented bliss shine in me

For enjoyment and delight are what makes it so bright

Life is an ecstasy of constant pleasure and completeness

Such delectable times to spend in the wonder of fulfilment

Smiles they envelop and contain all of my essential being

Smiles they bring with them a sense of wellness and wonder

Smiles and laughter are what make life so worthwhile to me

Such is life that my smiles are meant to be, so open and so free

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Visiting the Past,

    Dreaming of the Future,

Living in the Present,

    Wondering of the Consequence,

And Agreeing Wholeheartedly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A life that can meet may be a life quite complete. And there is another day.

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Shrinking down my seat

Hiding behind the text book

Crossing fingers and toes


My heart pounded against my rib cage

"MAVIS!! this is KAKA POO POO!!"

I sighed and slid out of my seat

Face red like a beet

Grabbed my test and sank back again into my hide out

"WALT!! this is KAKA POO POO!!"

I giggled and sat up to watch

Walt's argument with the Kaka PooPoo math teacher

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thnx, Mr. Mandoli ^O^

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