4) More than Happiness

My heart leaped and shouted for joy

My soul lifted its arms and praised the Father

Elated was my new song, and my day was made

Oh would happiness be adequate, I would title this

I saw you brighten, and it made me glad

The delight of my day came from you

Simply because you smiled

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Simply as the poem says, someone smiled and made my day so much better

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To the world I am down

A very grievous young lady

whom they think they can consume with their cheer.

But I've already given a reason

Yet they do not hear.

My heart is mounted with all that I do cry for

and all that I want to change

But if I'm not effervescent

I'm found to be very strange.

So stereotypical, wanting me to be someone much greater.

But the question they need to ask themselves is "Would she be happy later?"

Big feet, small breast, bony waist, big thighs

Sagacity isn't due to you

Because God is wise.

Yet I overpower your words

And eventhough it took a while

I can always sit here and embrace you with a smile

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All of my happiness

poem sequence

Happiness inside of me,

the way it should always be,

will never go away from me,

that's the way it will be.

All the world in my eyes,

is watching the prize,

i'm looking at your eyes,

and i see my prize.

All of my happiness,

with all of me and nothing less,

you are my happiness,

you make me happy and nothing less.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Aug. 14, 2004

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I'm A Girl

I’m a girl, who likes to dream,

I like to take things to the extreme,

Going one step further than my friends,

So the thrill in my teens never ends.

I’m a girl, who likes to explore,

In the game of life, I want more,

Explosive socialising, more devotion,

People to look at me in admiration.

I’m a girl, with adrenaline,

I have reached the excitement within,

I had forgotten what a teenager does,

Being too wrapped up in love.

I’m a girl, who likes to play,

Let me hide and run away,

Don’t worry, I’ll come back home,

I just like to wander and roam!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm a girl, what else is there to say?

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Story of my life that I should be
The way I am don't you see.
I listen to the stuff I hear
And I hold to those I consider dear.
Story of my life that I should do
Sit around and think of you.
Why am I here?  Why can't I see?
Those things which are in store for me.
Story of my life that I should care
And always want to be right there
To help you when you feel bad
To hug you when you're stressed or sad.
Story of my life will continue to help
Anyone who asks with a soft cry
Or even those with a single sigh
It's what I do, it's who I am..
It's the story of my life?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is who I am..  hope people understand..

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Swollen Glare

The sun sets a swollen glare

Into my eyes that I can't grasp

Immortal and impeccible

Exactly when I need you

To leave a warmth of color

Fresh in my vision

And fresh to lose myself into

Until I'm gone and distant out of sight

Oh, the patch over my eye

Cannot blind my sight

When I look at you

The sun beats heartbeats

Into my lifeless skin

Oh, what wonder behold

Under your porcelain face

Oh I wonder-wander on

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Times Like That

1998 - 2010

Those days when the sun is shinin

You can't stop smilin

You feel good inside

Such a nice suprise

The clouds roll in

And the thunder begins

Ending your perfect day

Who said sunshine last forever anyway

Those days when love is at your fingertips

The words are sittin on your lips

Nothin could be better

You could stay like this forever

But then the sun sets

A slap in the face is all you get

Except for memories you can't forget

And moments you wanna regret

You've found the one who's your match

And you're convinced this one will last

He's the moon and you're the sun

Everyone knows that he's the one

Then the distance between you expands

Than you never ever see him again

And you finally just give it up

LIke you've never heard of love

Don't get caught up in times like that

Who the hell said happiness was meant to last

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written July 5, 2004

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My Catalyst

You are my Catalyst

My one true cause

My reason to change myself

You are my Catalyst

My lovely thing

That keeps me off the ground

I promise to

Believe in you

Keep you in my sight

Never fear

I will be here

Just please don’t scream and fight

My catalyst

My lovely thing

My one and only everything

You change me now

So I can grow up

And know what love truly means

My Catalyst

My Catalyst….

My Catalyst…

I love you….

I never thought I would

I need you…

More then I ever thought I could

I want you…

To just stay here, it’ll be alright

I heart you…

With every beat, I sacrifice…

My catalyst

My lovely thing

My one and only everything

You change me now

So I can grow up

And know what love truly means

My Catalyst

My Catalyst

Please tell me how you changed me this way

My catalyst

Please explain to me how you feel today

You changed me

You made me...me

You took away all the pain away from me

My Catalyst….


My catalyst

My lovely thing

My one and only everything

You change me now

So I can grow up

And know what love truly means

My Catalyst

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my first songs to Christine.  For those of you who don't know, a Catalyst is:

stimulus to change: somebody or something that makes a change happen or brings about an event

She happened to be my good change.  Something I needed for a long time before she was around!

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he makes her smile

she smiles at the thought of that boy

only 15, and says she's in love

life must be great to have somebody to hold u

they sit talkin on the phone for hours

talkin about future plans

he tels her he wants to spend his life with her

they talk about a wedding and havin kids

as the months go by they begin to fight

she tell him its time for a break

they always said they wouldnt b able to live w/o eachother

and after 1 1/2 years they decide to split

the young girl is now 17, left w/o a smile

dreaming about that boy

wishing that she could be held by him once again

sayin to herself, hell with future plans

until she bumos into him in a store

once again the smile is back on her face

after being alone 6months, they realize they need eactother

a year later shes 19, and smiling at a wedding

while sayin "I DO"

4 months later she tells himshes pregnant

their dreams from when they were 15 are finally coming true

july 31st 1997 she smiles holdina a baby boy

7years later that guy still makes her smile

and she is glad she smiled because of him when she was 15

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