This woman asked me out the other day and when I told her I was unavailable asked me why I didn’t wear a ring.

In my professional mode I looked at my colleague and responded I don’t need a ring or marriage to prove that I am in a lifetime commitment.

In my eyes I wear it proudly.  No ring.

No ring to say I’m trapped in something I can’t get out.

No rings to say if it doesn’t work out we’re getting divorced.

No ring to prove to people I am in love.

No ring.

No ring, no strings attached.

Just two hearts beating in time to one beat. Two souls, two minds, two spirits that are one.

No ring.

Just shared lifetimes of ups, downs, loses, gains, and love for the rest of our lives.

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Happy and Relaxed

I want this girl that I can never have

Once again my hear follows the impossible

She has the cutest personality I think she's great

When she talks to me I listen for her calling

Waiting for her signal to pursue

Am I blind? Should I try?

No better not, I'll only act a fool like I usually do

She's so sweet to me and appreciates my company

There's always something to do when she's around

Now this is a girl I couldn't be bored with

A year older and smarter too, what a nice change

I'm sick of these chicks that are too shallow and bitchy

The one's who pretend to be a goddess

When all they are concerned about is gossip and drama

Not this girl she's mature and has a lot of the same thoughts

Now I'm gone, and now she's gone

I know I will hang out and see her again

But now it won't be the same

I miss her already and wish she was here

But I can still see her in my dreams

She brightened my clouds and doubts indefinitely

She showed me the positive when I needed it

Even if she never realizes how she made me feel

Happy and Relaxed, I had a wonderful time

Every second we shared she showed me

How a truly great friend should be

People say it's the quality of time not quantity

And it is so true, I wish I could spend more with her

I thank her for her hospitality and good nature

Author's Notes/Comments: 

All I can think is =)

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My beautiful stars

Stars ,oh my bautiful stars.
How come before you seemed so far?
So out of reach,
There are so many things you have to teach.
Times before I tried to reach ,but I fell.
Fell into something as deep as a well.
When I hit bottom, I knew it was time...
Time to clean myself up.
Fix my life and start over new.
And now look what I can do!
Now I see YOU!
My BeAuTiFuL stars..
Now I know that no matter how dark it gets there will allways be stars in my sky.
It's just something you've gotta find
My beautiful guideing stars.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this because no matter what theres allways stars in the sky..even if you cant see them on a stormy night they are ALLWAYS there..its just a matter of discoveing the stars in the dark for yourself!

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From the Heavens Above


He rose from the dead

He was sent from the heavans above to lead

He saved us all from sin

He is our Lord Jeues Christ

I hvae been saved by his grace

I am in his joy now

he is in my life

I am a new person

I have been saved.

I walked down the aslie to be forgiven on my sins

I am a new child now..

I am a new adult

I feel brand new

I feel all new inside and out

I feel no anger

I feel love towards all gods creations once again

I can look upon all of you and say "I love you"

peace be with you all

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to God, for my being saved on 4/11/04
with my brother and mother and Bryon persent..

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Once More

Once more,

your eyes burn into me.

Tearing me away from this bed,

from these fears,

And years of lonliness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this poem sometime towards the end of April after a wonderful night.

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to put it simply ......... 6Apr04


I mean, really

how many times are you actually laying in a grassy field watching the clouds go by when all is right in the world?

I can't think of two times.

Besides... I always get bugs in my shorts


I mean, I'm content

Listening to snazzy music, in the most un-inspirational of places


it's... all... good

great even.

It's never been better.


What I make of it.

I don't need the stars, the clouds, or the open fields

I can fly away

On my own

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The things that i devour

The things that i keep disclosed

The things that i move away

The things i hide from

The things i cry from

The things i always smile from

The things  i decide on

The things that take me there

The things that break me down

The things that engulf my mind

The things that scare me to death

The things

I do it all for fun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Fun.

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Rare Days

Feeling proud today

the day just isnt gray

The colors are bright, im so happy

im ignoring the bad rap thats raspy

I just dont give a shit

ill take my money and set it a lit

I found my friends

not a care in the world

not even for a girl

Im alone but thats ok

im still here i always say

im glad to be alive, in this f***ed up world of ours

the world is red, redder than mars

but not today, today is special

I feel i can take another day

while keeping my demons at bay

give them the finger and watch them run

keep on walking, as i stare at the sun

Today is mine, you cant have it

better watch what you say, befoer you get hit

Life just isnt hard enough...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is called "Rare Days" because I seem to have these days where im feeling great and im hyper and ready to take on whatever comes my way. Im sure many people experience being sad one day and waking up to a new day and leaving all your problems behind you.

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I had a daydream,

A dust mote dancing daydream.

It made me happy-

Immeasurably so

I felt like laughing

And tinkling laughter bubbled.

I enjoyed being so happy-

Immeasurably so

My spirits lifted.

Clear to heaven they swirled round,

Sweeping grandly high-

Immeasurably so.

I loved my daydream.

I dreamed I was so happy.

I shared my pleasure-

Immeasurably so

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