He taught me to live, love, laugh and be happy

just like the old song.

He would explain how Canada Jays came to be called Whiskey Jacks or Gourbys.

Said the Chickadee was actually singing..

"Old Tom Peabody Peabody Peabody"

cause old Tom fed him during the winter

and Chickadees weren't migratory.

We built campfires under starry skies

watched the smoke from the heat of the flame

spiral upwards towards the expanse of those

diamond studs buried in the black velvet blanket

of a dark peaceful night.

Whiskey Jacks would glide effortlessly into the campsite.

They were open and friendly

Fed them from my hand more than once.

Always the sage with respect for creation

he would talk about the marvels of the same.

He spoke about things like the distance of the sun from the earth.

A little bit closer, we'd burn up

a little farther away we'd freeze.....

He talked about communication

Said the animals communicate by smells, movements and sounds.

Some animals even warn others when predators are close

The Bantum Rooster makes a high pitched kluk kluk kluk

when a weasel is present or

a high single long shriek

when it spots a hawk overhead.

I would sit and listen fascinated by his

stories and in awe of his experience.

We always camped by a stream in the summer or early fall.

He'd say,

"The water rushing over the rocks was the tireless flow of the grand creator's energy feeding his creatures the waters of life."

I always felt like it was,

I still do.

Then the morning sun would pour into the campsite like butterscotch.

The flies started buzzing round and the early morning songbirds cheered the coming of another day.

I'd force one eye open

There he'd be, boiling the kettle as he called it.

The kettle was nothing more than a blackened can hanging over the flames on a stick...

The scent of fresh coffee on the air......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on my life experiences with the man that brought me up through the years.

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glowing energy

Can you see

I’m like a lightning bolt

All this energy

Like a stream

And I like to dance

In the sky

Watch me fly

I have friends

And life is gold

Maybe silver

Because gold is yellow

And I like blue

Reality is a dream

And I talk too fast

And I think too much

And I am a lightning bolt

That’s too nice to strike

Instead I dance

In the sky

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Happy Days of Glee and Joy

I swear that the blood inside of me

Is glowing exponentially

And nothing is the same

Because it’s all a game

And I’ll laugh until the end

My eyes will see the world

Pick pieces and make swords

And yell and scream

Cause life’s a dream

And I’ll dance till the end

Love I see unconventionally

Hearts abound especially

Hate looks like mould

Life can be cold

And that’s why I cry sometimes

I am like a Dali painting

People come to watch me fainting

I’d like to feel

When life’s surreal

And I’ll talk to the end

Electronic voltage shocks

Explodes from my chicken pox

It makes me giddy, dance around

Because I hear it’s every sound

And I’ll laugh at the end

I’ll laugh at the end

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Your shadow is so unlucky

As it remains on the ground

So small and insignifcant

As you soar through the clouds

Let your words be heard

You're quite the site you know

Not many people get this chance

Their curiosity left some time ago

Announce your freedom

You're allowed to boast

Something spectacular gives the right

Sky lining from coast to coast

Smiles grace your person

For the first time in years

Your frown has hidden your honesty

With lack of faith and fear

So fly....

Fly away, as far as you may

Listen to the impossible silence

That you may hear, only today....

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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The Spirit of You

“You’re such a selfish person!”

“You don’t care about anyone but yourself!”

Everyone seems to think of selfishness as an exceedingly horrific thing.

What’s wrong with looking out for you?

I say, have time just for you everyday.

And forget conformity, do what puts you on cloud nine.

“You’re too worried about fitting in.”

“You’re too afraid to be independent.”

Things that are in your best interest

Should be what drives you.

Helping friends is indeed important,

But try to be your own best friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

“Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”
-Nathaniel Hawthorne

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intertwined souls

geographic testing

digging and digging

crying to mario

swimming in crystality

digging and digging

rushing water

planning a dream

cards and i'm drunk

watching and growing

learning and healing

beauty in one room

eternity of two minds

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Dougs Poem of Happiness

My Passions

When the sun shines thru an open window it eases the pain

A simple laugh from a child makes the soul fly

Clouds assume masterful disguses for play

The beauty of the world surrounds your sight

A spring breeze wraps around you like a warm blanket

Mothers kiss soothes wounds needing to heal

Company of friends voices brings joyful words

Playing with the butterflys seeing innocence

A cotton candy daydream lifts a saddened heart

Youthful energy consumes with dawns early light

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Flying High


I may not have wings to fly,

But your love makes me soar.

It takes me to new places I've never been,

And leaves me feeling high.

I may never make beautiful music on a harp of gold,

I may never live amidst the angels,

I may never write famous love stories,

But your love is like no story told.

I may never possess a million riches, or be queen of the land,

But as long as I have you, I need nothing more.

All my happiness lies in that look of love in your eyes.

All my joy is in your tender hands.

Your kisses so sweet, filled with love,

All my dreams are with you tonight,

You've showed me who I am,

And taught me that to fly I don't have to be a dove...

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Everything Else


Everything else is just a dream,

A simple charm, a diamond ring,

A getaway, a hidden cove,

A deserted island, an empty road,

Ice capped mountains, stormy nights,

Fluffy clouds, and pretty lights,

A simple poem, a song of love,

A single prayer, a helping shove,

A friendly hug, a tiny kiss,

To go away, and to be missed,

A needy man, a heart that shines,

So many things, so little time.

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