*Sailing *

                 as you are near to

                me, we look up at all

                of  the beautiful stars

                we look into each others

                gorgeous brown eyes as

                you pull me close to u

                you whisper in my ear

                gentle and softly you

                tell me you love me

                with all of your heart.

                drifting near i love sailing

                with the love of my life .


               * this poem is all mine *  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sailing Among The Seas*
Is a love poem about a
woman sending time with
her man enjoying the sea
with him being nexted to
him kissing his soft cherry lips dancing among
the beautiful stars and
its a romantic night i
just love writing poems
like this hee hee peace.

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* All For The Lord *

                i will give my voice to the

                lord i will give my voice to

                the lord all the words i bring

               all the songs i sing i will give

               them to the lord the lord i will

               give my heart to the lord i will

             give my heart to the lord all things

             i love are for him above i will give

                them  all back to the lord  .


              Written and Sung By my Favorite

                Gospel Artist A H Wimmer

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love this song :*) .

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Long Lost Sense

love poems

To feel my body wrapped in yours

And yours in mine

To feel your body heat

Warming me on a chilly night

To feel your heart beat

As I lay my head on your chest

To feel your breath

As you sleep next to me

To feel your body quiver

From my soft gentle touch

To feel my heart heal

From the touch of your heart to mine

You taught me how to feel again

And I owe you for this

©Jeremy Conn


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Happiness Ain't!

To a cruiser, it's a submarine,

To a freshman, it's a brand new dean,

To a cowboy, it's a big stampede,

To a farmer, it's a gosh darn weed!

To a mayor, it's the Civil Rights,

To a dancer, it's those too tight tights,

To a teacher, it's stupidity,

To my dear wife, it's no one but me!

Happiness ain't, happiness ain't,

Happiness ain't

Just a church without a steeple,

That's what happiness ain't!

To a hotrod, it's a traffic jam,

To a cloudburst, it's that gosh darn dam,

To a native, it's a pair of shoes,

To an alky, when he's out of booze!

To a negro, it's like prejudice,

To a soldier, it's an armistice,

To an arab, it's a piece of pork,

To a mother, it's that lousy stork!

Happiness aint, happiness aint,

Happiness aint,

A big, big world without no people,

That's what happiness ain't!

To a butcher, it's a dull, dull knife,

To a husband, it's his cheatin' wife,

To a robber, it's like gettin' caught,

To a schoolgirl, it's a great big naught!

To a sparrow, it's a windy day,

To the horses, it's not havin' hay,

To the housewife, it's just work, work, work,

To a genius, it's a dumb, dumb jerk!

Happiness ain't, happiness ain't,

Happiness ain't,

A politician without no people,

That's what happiness aint!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For those of you who remember the 1960's song, "HAPPINESS IS," as recorded by Ray Conniff and his orchestra, this is a PARODY of that song... I just HAD to write it.

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Glad that you stopped over,

In this green so luscious land,

Hearts, so gentle beating

Such majestic divine at hand!

Love is always reaching

He won my heart with love,

With love beyond compare

Touched by God, in wings of dove.

Blessing from this sacred vision,

Breath full of sunshine and air,

Mind filled with loving moments

When the heart will sing.

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


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           I Know Each Day I Feel So Good,

           A Way I Thought I Never Would.

           I Have A Person In My Life,

           I Hope One Day Would Be My Wife.

           I Do Not Want To See That Day,

           That To My Love I Cannot Say.

           I Love You So With All My Heart,

           I Hope In Life We Never Part.

           I Feel As Though We Two Are One,

           And On Through Life We Want To Run.

           We Share Our Souls, We Share Our Hearts,

           And From This Point, Devotion Starts.

           It's You For Me & Me For You,

           You Know Our Love For Each Is True.

           I Want You With Me To Grow Old,

           I Know Our Love It Won't Grow Cold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This Is How I Feel Inside.

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         I'm Here At Work & While I Sit,

         I Miss My Sweetness, Every Bit.

         I Miss Her Voice Which Makes My Day,

         Which Makes Me Smile & Shows The Way.

         I Miss The Way She Talks To Me,

         I Think I'm Sure That She Can See.

         The Way We Are So Close, So Dear,

         We Tell Each Other Every Fear.

         All I Want In Life Is Love,

         From You Sweet Judi, You're My Dove.

         You've Came & Flown Into My Life,

         Your Love Has Pierced Me Like A Knife.

         I Feel So Warm & Nice Inside,

         I Want You In My Heart To Hide.

         To Try To Keep You All To Me,

         Protect You From All Harm You See.

         I Know That We've Both Had Our Share,

         Of Hell In Life, That No One Cared.

         But Now To Me Since I've Found You,

         I Feel Complete, In Love So True.

         I've Never Had A Love So Sweet,

         To Come & Knock Me Off My Feet.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Here Sitting At Work And Missing My Judi.

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Happiness is not a man I’ve met

Smiling until the sun has set

Happiness may be a woman I’ve known

Living to love her power’s throne

Happiness sought to ruin my day

Whittling my constructed depression away

In retrospect Happiness was always there

With nostalgic words and a world that was fair

Happiness cannot help but postpone

Unless his presence at that time is known

Who calls out for yesterday, Happiness’ hour

When the women were sweet and the milk, never sour

Him unaware of past terrors still yearns

For Happiness’s past of mellow returns

Happiness is always the past’s better day

Until Happiness come to chase “Happiness” away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hmmm... a friend asked for a poem about happiness, i hope she likes it. [orchid, you know it]

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And You


Sunlight on my shoulders

Moonlight across my floor

Cool rain on my face

Gentle breezes kissing my skin

... and you

Make me happy

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