big ol' chicken leg

my contentment tonight is your dreamy

voice left on my machine and the thought

you are lost in morphine dreams

that your bump is gone, that you are feeling

better and the pain killers are work

i am writing letters and drinking

my version of brown alcohol

that is scotch

i am peeing on a snow bank

in my front yard and

worshiping your thighs

excuse me, that is an exaggeration

i am hoping the best for you and

hungering for the next time i see you

i am a sleazy guy, wishing

i could sleep with 100 women

but in reality, i only want

to be intimate with you

i want to hold your hand again

kiss your lips and feel the excitement

when our bodies are pressed together

this is stupid

but tonight i don't care

if i fit into your world

you happiness is the only world

to care about

and i am glad the bump is gone

from your chicken leg

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Lovely evocation!


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